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Finally, its 5:00! I've been waiting all day for the little meeting we were having. As I ran up the stairs excitedly I remembered Zion. Should I bring him or just tell him later? I'll bring him. I stomped down stairs to get Zion, but half way down I noticed a small barbie looking lady. It could only be one person. Catherine! Normally Albert and Catherine didn't get back until 7:00, why was she back so early?

      "Why are you back so early? Aren't you supposed to be at work? Is Albert home ye" I curiously yelled to the barbie looking lady at the bottom if the stairs. "I never left, my boss called while I was going out the door this morning. And no, Albert is still at work." I quietly sighed in relief. I was still walking down the stairs through our little conversation. As I got to the bottom she opened her mouth as if she was about to say something, but it closed quickly not letting any words seap out. "What are you doing," she asked. "Umm, I was going to check on Zion." I said sounding concerned. "Well I just checked on him he's fine." she explained with a questioning look on her soft face. After a little pause in the conversation she told me she knew about the plan and that she wanted to join us. "I've been locked in this place for years. I believe that if we leave now we can be far enough away by the time he's back."

      she has been locked in this place? She wanted to help us get out? OK LET'S DO THIS!!! "Can you go get Zion while I get Jonathan?" I asked.

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