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Pen Your Pride


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Love... palagi nalang akong naaasar sa love... Love... bakit palagi nalang ako nasasaktan sa love... Love... blah blah blah. I give up! Bahala ka na nga. 

Since birth, walang MU. Walang nagrereturn ng feelings ko. Friends lang daw o ginagamit lang ako para makalapit sa kaibigan ko. Minsan parang gusto lang nga nila akong paglaruan. Bakit ganun? Bakit nangyayari ito sakin. :(  Nakakalungkot. Pero sabi nila, bata pa naman ako. Alam ko naman, pero bakit wala talagang nagkakagusto sakin up until now ha??? *sigh* 

This is the story of my heartbreaks. Everything that has happen in my silly lovelife. Some might think this is simple or even pathetic. But this is my miserable lovelife. I make mistakes. I admit it. But can't I just get it right for once?!!


weird guy: hey, *snort* can I ligaw ligaw you?

girl: no. I'm sorry. We can be friends though.

weird guy: suuuuure. (holds on to girl's arm)

girl: stop being touchy!

Handsome guy: hello.

girl: hi.. :") um... are you single?

handsome guy: oh... sorry. I like someone else. We can be friends.

girl: fine... ( :( )

after a few months...

handsome guy: thank you for comforting me.

girl: it's alright. 

handsome guy: I just can't believe she's ignoring me like this. (starts to cry)

girl: :(

handsome guy: I should just give up.

girl: ugh, (I have a chance!) um...

handsome guy: *sniff* yeah?

girl: you know...

handsome guy: what is it?

girl: you should be more patient with her. Don't give up so easily.

handsome guy: you're right. I'll go talk to her now. See you later?

girl: maybe...

Handsome guy leaves.

girl: I'M SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!! (starts crying) why?!!!

weird guy: hi!

girl: ugh... (leaves)

weird guy: ....what did I do?

that's just one of my many mistakes. SEE? I bet some of you think I'm silly, stupid even. But maybe some of you just think I'm nice. MAYBE that's the case... *sigh* 

Let's start from the beginning of this love craze of mine, shall we?

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