Chapter 4

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***Daichi's POV***

10 minutes. It had only been 10 minutes since I left Suga's dorm and I could already feel my heart aching for him. It was so much harder than I wanted it to be. I got in my car and drove, knowing that the only way I would get through this was to move on and forget about everything for a moment. Before I knew it, I was already pulling up to my own school. I drove onto the campus, knowing that no matter how great this place was, it would never be as amazing without Suga.

--- 6 Months Earlier ---

"Daichi, this school is amazing! No wonder you want to come here," Suga smiled as he looked around the campus. He was right, it was an amazing school, but the only thing I could think about was the even more amazing, perfect boy standing right in front of me. Back when we had started dating, Suga had a nightmare about us going to different colleges. He and I had planned to go somewhere together, but for some reason he seemed to be more comfortable with the idea of us being so far apart. "Daichi, you're going to have so much fun here. Not only is it an amazing school with an amazing volleyball team, but you know so many people already. Kenma told me that Kuroo is coming here, as well as Bokuto, Oikawa, and Iwaizumi. I'll admit that I'm going to miss you more than anything, but this is your dream school and I am not going to be the person to take that away from you."


I brought what I could up to my room, and before I could even open the door, there was a loud crash from the inside. I heard a very familiar scream and suddenly the door flew open, revealing two hysterical boys on the ground and a disappointed Kenma. "Hey Daichi, good luck with these two imbeciles. I need to get back home soon, but if you need any help I'd be more than happy to." I smiled at Kenma as he opened the door for me to come inside. Kuroo and Bokuto were just starting to calm down as I set my things down in my room. 

"This is going to be an interesting year, " I whispered under my breath. 

"Well, if it isn't Sawamura Daichi. How've you been man? Feels like the last time I saw you was-"

"At graduation you dingus," Kuroo cut in. "We literally saw him like a month ago."

I laughed as the two started to bicker. It was good to see them. They were a big part of our third year and they had helped us so much.   Kenma helped me bring up the rest of my things and unpack then left after having some alone time with Kuroo. he was lucky. Kenma lived only a few minutes away from the school, so they could see each other whenever they pleased. Bokuto knew Akaashi wasn't going to come all the way out here to see him, but he'd do anything to hear his voice. I smiled as they all joined me on the couch. "Well, I'm starving. Who's up for some dinner? My treat."

The two sprang up and cheered after hearing the last part. I shook my head and smiled as we put on our shoes and headed out. Being with them had somehow pushed the thought of Suga to the back of my mind. As we walked into a small diner, we were seated next to two very familiar faces. At first, I thought it had been Iwaizumi and Oikawa, but after further inspection, I realized that that had been Ushijima. I looked at Bokuto and Kuroo, hoping to get some kind of explanation.

"You didn't hear? Oikawa didn't come here. Something about  wanting to prove he was a good leader. I thought you of all people would have known, considering he's your boyfriend's roommate."

It felt like my heart had stopped. Oikawa was Suga's roommate. Suga hadn't even bothered to mention this. Sure, maybe he didn't know before, but he had to know by now. Kuroo got up and walked over to Iwaizumi's table. I pulled out my phone and called Suga. 

"Hello Daichi~" a voice came from the other end. "It's funny you called, Suga just got in the shower, but I'd be more than happy to take a message."

"No thanks Oikawa, just tell Suga to call me back." I couldn't believe it. 

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