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Stay Away From Me (Tsukishima X Reader) by Marialuz_Karma
Stay Away From Me (Tsukishima X Re...by Karma
(Name)'s family is very dangerous and by dangerous I mean her father is the boss of a yakuza, the leader but what will happen if another group found out that he has a da...
  • yamaguchitadashi
  • tsukishimakeixreader
  • afterstory
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search:daisuga (one-shots-boyxboy) by nikaravenscraft
search:daisuga (one-shots-boyxboy)by ˗ˏˋ nika ˊ˗
search:daisuga (Daichi x Suga) Boy x Boy Don't like it? Don't read it! THIS IS A ONE-SHOT COLLECTION Second in the search: series -> search: kagehina
  • animeoneshots
  • daichixsuga
  • volleyballdorks
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with {daisuga} by nikaravenscraft
with {daisuga}by ˗ˏˋ nika ˊ˗
How they fell hopelessly and completely in love. Daichi x Suga Boy x Boy
  • boyxboy
  • animefanfic
  • sawamuradaichi
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Big Smiles, Hidden Tears (Suga x Daichi) by InsertName98
Big Smiles, Hidden Tears (Suga x D...by Ehmjay
Suga aways seems to be in a happy mood, cheering people on, always smiling and laughing and giving advice but when he becomes the only remaining Sugawara who can he talk...
  • koushi
  • daichixsuga
  • fluff
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haikyuu fan fiction pictures by Hikira_Shinzuo
haikyuu fan fiction picturesby Hikira_Shinzuo
hey guys hope you like it I don't own any pictures here okay please follow me and leave a like
  • asanoya
  • tanakaxennoshita
  • daichixsuga
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Connections (Daisuga//Iwaoi//Bokuaka//Kuroken) ON HOLD by CassandraAnn707
Connections (Daisuga//Iwaoi//Bokua...by •~•
Four different love stories, Four different connections. (I really don't know how to summarise the story :P) Disclaimer: Yaoi Boyxboy May contain smut Occasional swear...
  • haikyuu
  • bokuaka
  • kurooxkenma
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Beautiful Tragedies by katiegirl745
Beautiful Tragediesby katiegirl745
Sequel to "Alone With Him" After Suga and Daichi return from their first year of college, they learn that time apart has caused a strain on their relationship...
  • sugaxdaichi
  • sugadai
  • haikyuu
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When you give Kageyama coffee by DoReMi_HiMe
When you give Kageyama coffeeby DoReMi_HiMe
Karasuno is having a school festival, and Yachi is in a maid costume. When someone steals her from a certain Raven haired crow(( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), more coffee will be served.
  • kageyamaxyachi
  • yamaguchi
  • tanaka
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Painting Tulips - DaiSuga by chromaconic
Painting Tulips - DaiSugaby The coolest dood
The human body is like a flower. It is beautiful, yes, but undoubtedly complicated. Every cell has some purpose, intricately bound into a fortress which is, ultimately...
  • haikyuu
  • fluff
  • sugaxdaichi
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notes ー daisuga by pink-pocky
notes ー daisugaby pink-pocky // sophie!
- in which cute but mysterious notes appear in sugawara's locker. started on october 15 2017. ended on october 17 2017 this is a short story :) completed
  • gay
  • sugawara
  • suga
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Smiles Prove Things Inside {Daichi x Suga} by Anime-queen_
Smiles Prove Things Inside {Daichi...by Why am i here
Suga hasn't had the best week of his life, nor did he want to go anywhere outside of his bedroom, but he goes to school and crap happens. DAICHI/DAD x SUGAMAMA!!!!!! I w...
  • suga
  • daichi
  • haikyuu
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See Me (daisuga) by luvlikeafairytale
See Me (daisuga)by luvlikeafairytale
What would you do if you were existent, but basically non-existent? Suga is a spirit who has wondered the earth without a body for many years. He has no way to communica...
  • sugawarakoushi
  • daichisawamura
  • daisuga
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DAISUGA - oneshot book by haikyuuboiiii
DAISUGA - oneshot bookby Hello Amigos
He knew that for a long distance relationship to work the couple had to be strong and loyal and committed. Daichi thought that their relationship had been one of the str...
  • suga
  • daichi
  • fanfiction
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The Wind In The Willows (Daisuga AU) by Sungtaehan
The Wind In The Willows (Daisuga A...by Just A Lonely Fangirl
Daichi is a hunter, bred and perfected through years of rigorous training. Suga is an elf, taught that all hunters are made of pure malice and hatred. One encounter in t...
  • hunterxelf
  • haikyuu
  • predatorxprey
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An Old Oak Tree by Phanfiction4Phandom
An Old Oak Treeby Doodling.Otaku
The worn torn battles of World War One brings two countries together, but whether to team up together or fight against no one really knows. Seeing the war through Gilber...
  • gilbertbeilschmidt
  • cute
  • gilbertxmatthew
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DaiSuga by xUndertaleIsLifex
DaiSugaby ♥~♥
This is a story about Suga and Daichi but has the ships of other people as well. Like Yachi and Shimizu. This is not completed :) Some people will show later, so if you...
  • suga
  • yachi
  • nishinoya
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Just you and Me by Why-Even-Try
Just you and Meby *:・゚✧*:・゚✧We are all reading...
Daichi works at a mental hospital when one day a boy named Sugawara Koushi shows up. Daichi wonders why someone so clean and beautiful would be here. Daichi soon finds o...
  • hinata
  • volleyball
  • daichi
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Haikyuu!! On Ice by Rainbowlemongoat
Haikyuu!! On Iceby Rainbowlemongoat
Just a collection of Haikyuu and Yuri On Ice one-shots. Multiship, and taking requests! Enjoy! :)
  • leoji
  • viktuuri
  • viktorxyuri
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The duo!! [kagehina] by Chicken_noodle123
The duo!! [kagehina]by Rocko
  • daichixsuga
  • yaoi
  • kageyamaxhinata
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Love Dr (dichi x suga) by zora111aaa
Love Dr (dichi x suga)by zora111aaa
It's years after suga and dichi have graduated and they whent there separate ways but a normal visit to the doctor to get fluid taken from his knee brings back old feeli...
  • gayboys
  • boyxboy
  • daichixsuga
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