Chapter 2

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***Daichi's POV***

I slammed the door behind me as I stormed out into the hall. My entire life was being ripped apart and it was all my fault. We were actually okay, we moved on and were starting our little life together. Granted, we were only together during vacation, but we were together... And of course we had to fight. Before we had gone off to college, we had never fought, well at least not to this extent. We had little disagreements here and there, but we would have those even when we were just friends. I wanted to believe that the distance wouldn't take a toll on our relationship, but it did. At the beginning, we would talk every single day, but as we both got busier, we were lucky if we talked once a week.  I love him just as much as I loved him back then, maybe even more, but I just needed to get out of there. I couldn't blame him for still being mad, but I also couldn't stand there and take that. I got into my car and started to drive away. 

I ended up back at that stupid cliff. The one we would always go to, where I proposed. How did I let it get to this?


"Sugawara Koushi, will you marry me?" I bit my lip as I waited for his reply. Before I knew it, he had flung himself into my arms and we were both on the ground. 

"Yes, yes, yes! A million times yes!" He smiled through tears of joy. I chuckled softly and gave his forehead a light peck. I sat up slowly, holding Suga in my arms. We just sat there for a few minutes, knowing that was one of the last times we would be in each other's arms, but we knew we needed to head off. I slowly managed to pick myself up and took Suga's hand, helping him up as well. I slowly began to lead him back to the car. "Daichi, wait..." I turned around to look at Suga. He wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me lightly. "I love you so much."

I laughed softly as I held Suga in my arms. I didn't even want to think about how much I would miss him over these next few months. We made our way to the car. I opened the door for Suga and got in as well. I sighed softly and started to drive off. Suga and I didn't talk much for the rest of the ride. As we arrived at the school, I helped Suga take his things to his room and we started to unpack. Suga sat on the bed and sighed softly. "So..."

I looked over at Suga and smiled. I walked over and kneeled in front of him. "We'll be together soon, I promise." I kissed Suga's cheek lightly and stood up. I slowly made my way out of the room, leaving an envelope in one of Suga's bags before closing the door and heading downstairs. I got in the car and sighed to myself, slowly driving off. I headed back home and went up to my room, counting down the days until it was finally my turn to head off.


I sat down and sighed softly. "Suga... I'm so sorry I let us get like this..."

(IM SO SORRY THIS IS SO SHORT I DONT KNOW WHY BUT I JUST HAVE NO MOTIVATION RIGTH NOW AND IM TOO LAZY TO TURN OFF CAPS LOCK? there okay, I'm really sorry I got really busy but tank you for all the support. You all are amazing! ~Katelynn)

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