23 - Baby.

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Vanessa 🌻

"Is this really necessary?" I ask, blinking from beneath the fabric that covered my eyes.

I hear Drake's hearty chuckle, his hands holding onto my waist. "Just shut up princess, we'll be there soon." I gasped, attempting to hit him through the blindness I was stuck in.

He burst out laughing, and I hold back a smile. "Alright, watch your step." He says after a minute or so. I roll my eyes from beneath the blindfold.

"I would, if I could see." I say sarcastically. He snorts and I couldn't help but grin as he helps me step over something.

He'd been smiling a lot, and laughing heaps since he picked me up from my house. It made me feel really happy.

"Grazie PG." Drake said and I furrowed my brows.

"No problem, piccolo boss." The sound of footsteps padding away was heard and I cleared my throat.

"Drake?" I called out softly.

"I'm still here baby." My heart melted, and I swear I felt my knees wobble beneath me.

Hearing him call me baby will be the death of me..

"Five more minutes." He whispered, breath tickling my neck. I tilted my head to the side upon feeling his lips brush at my neck.

"Okay.." I breathe, heart pounding inside my chest. Drake then pulls away, grabbing a hold of my hand and leading me to god knows where.

He sits me down and after a few seconds the sound of a motor is heard and the seat I was in wobbles as if I was on water.

Wait a second..

"Are we on a boat?" I ask and Drake seems to freeze. At least that's what it felt like.

"You really are as smart as they say.." Was all he said before the motor's sound became louder.

I wondered what he meant by that but eventually shrugged it off. Smiling in victory. We are so on a boat.

Five minutes passed by and suddenly the sound of the motor stopped. Drake's hand was then in mine and he pulls me up. My chest hits his and I gasp before his mouth covers mine.

I moan in delight, responding almost immediately. His big hands come up to cup my face. I lean into his touch, eyes fluttering when his thumb brushes against my cheekbone.

Drake pulls away and I almost whimper at the loss of contact. He removes his hands from my face. "Sorry, the lipstick just makes your lips look so much more tempting."

I smiled, and he grabs my hand, leading me away from the seat I was in.

We come to a slow stop after a few more seconds, and Drake is suddenly behind me, his fingers fumbling with the knot he tied behind my head.

"You ready baby?" Again. Fuck, he has to stop calling me that.

I nod my head wordlessly, and suddenly the blindfold falls off, my eyes fluttering open. A grin spreads wide across my face at the sight before me.

We were on a yacht, in the middle of calm water. The stars were shining bright above us, the moons light hit the water making it look as if there were a million diamonds floating above the water.

"Come on," Drake whispered, tugging at my hand. I followed him, still in awe from the breathtaking sight.

He lead me up a staircase on the side of the yacht, until we were up on the rooftop. There's a big red couch sitting against the railings, a shiny white table sitting in front of it, food set up on it.

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