Preference #50: BSM: You feel unloved by Harry. Part One.

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A/N: This is straight from my tumblr

Harry (age 2): Ever since Harry’s daughter, Olivia was born every thing has been about her. You lived with Harry, ever since your mum died. He promised you that when she was born that she would never “Replace” you, that he would never forget or ignore you. And guess what? That’s just what has been happening. Even though you were 2 years old, you were very smart and knew when you weren’t wanted or welcomed. You groaned as Olivia began screaming, taking away yet another chance you tried to have with your big brother. “Baby?” Harry called after about an hour, only to be greeted with silence. When he was gone, you snuck out you didn’t know where you were going, but It had to be a 100x better been being there. “Hannah.. I’m getting scared. I’ve been looking for Y/N for ten minutes.” Harry said to his wife of a year. “She’s probably up in her room. Like she always Is”. She sighed. “What do you mean? She’s never in her room!” Harry replied. “Babe, do you realize ever since Liv’s been born, you’re never around Y/N? That you never read her a bedtime story, You never wake up to her crying, but when Olivia’s crying, you’re the first one awake. She thinks you don’t care about her, hell or even love her!” Hannah exclaimed. “Olivia’s a month old, what the hell am I supposed to do, let her cry? Y/N’s a big girl, she shouldn’t be crying at night anyways!. Y/N Styles bring your arse out here. Now.” Harry snapped. “How the fuck do you even know that anyway?!”
"You don’t think she talks to me when I try and make her feel welcome?! When I try and get her to come out from her room? When I try and play with her? When I try and make her eat? Or when I’m trying to calm her down from a nightmare!? She won’t even eat Harry. She won’t eat, She won’t sleep; because she’s afraid of the ‘Monsters under her bed’ Which, you haven’t "Scared" away in a long ass time." Hannah said with a red face, as Liam walked through the door holding your shaking body. "Sophia and I.. We were taking a walk.. We saw a little girl standing there and a man trying to take her. She wouldn’t go, He picked her up.. and tried running away. She bit him and he dropped her and started hitting her. So I ran and got her.. The little girl was Y/N" He whispered rubbing your back as you continued shaking horribly. "You poor thing." Hannah said, tears filling her eyes as she took you from Liam. "Mommy!" You cried and clung onto her, as Olivia laid in her bassinet fast asleep. "I’m here Y/N/N.. I’m here honey." She said, completely unaware of you calling her mommy. "Y/N.. Baby.." Harry said, feeling his heart break. "GO AWAY" You screamed, causing Olivia to jolt awake. "Y/N.." He said feeling tears wet his eyes. "Just go Harry.. Go make dinner.. She’ll talk with you later" Hannah said stroking your hair, He opened his mouth to protest, but walked into the kitchen sadly.

A/N: This took me 2 hours to write because I kept getting distracted by 5SOS. Luke thinks he’s  as tall as everyone else in the band. Like no, Lucas. Sit your ass down then maybe xD. Anywhores, I heard El ((My bby<3)) got knocked up by Lou c:, Niall was dating Selena and Liam got arrested.. What the fuck have I missed? xD *Reminder: I am a Elounor shipper so please don’t hate on El, she doesn’t deserve it. She’s a beautiful girl, and my wife oops. I’d rather you hate on me then her* Luke Hemmings is sexy and mine, Ash is perf and mine, Cal is adorable and mine. Michael needs jesus, and mine xD. Way off topic. Sowwy :c. My point is: Part-Two? Or the other boys? Please request!! Stay beautiful guys! Kisses, -Sherie xx

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