0| Chapter of the past

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0| Prologue: Chapter of the past

Ayano and Tetsuya, 10 years old

"Ne~ Tetsu, pass me the basket ball!" a little girl with blue long hair yelled.

"Come and get it!" Tetsuya Kuroko told his sister and started drippling towards the hoop. Tetsuya shooted the ball, but the ball hit the edge of the hoop and fell on the girl's hands.

"Ha! I got it!" Ayano, the twin sister of the blue haired boy cheered and she shooted the ball towards the basket. The ball got inside "Yahoo!"

"Ayano, how can you do that? Teach me!" Tetsuya whined with a pleading look on his face  and Ayano took the ball in her tiny hands.

She smirked in a playful way "Oi~ I'm younger than you!"

Tetsuya pouted slightly and Ayano chuckled lightly "For 2 minutes"

Ayano laughed and threw him the ball on the face, but Tetsuya immediately grabbed the ball before it made contact with his face "That proves that I can beat you, Tetsu!" she exclaimed  and tackled him to the ground. Tetsuya giggled and stood up, still holding the ball.

The two of them started chasing each other at the basketball court and their giggling was heard at the people who were passing by. The sun started setting and soon the two siblings started heading back home.

"Tetsu, can I tell you something?" Ayano asked. Tetsuya nodded and she looked at him with her matching blue orbs . "You know I like basketball, right? Well... I want to join the basketball team" the little girl said with a small hesitation.

Tetsuya's eyes narrowed in confusion "But you are a girl. Girls can't join baksetball teams, right? I mean, I have seen only male players"

"There are teams for girls, you baka" she explained with a small smile. Ayano's long hair waved on air, making them look like a blue ocean. The sun reflected in her blue electric eyes as she looked towards the almost night sky.

"Ah, then I want to join too!" Ayano's twin brother exclaimed happily. He took the basket ball in his hands and looked at it with glimmering eyes  "Even if I can't play good basketball, I will try to join the basketball team!"

Ayano smiled at her brother's confidence. Her brother always loved basketball as she and their father did.

"We have still three years until we will be able to join the basketball team... Until we will be at middle school.." she muttered and turned to face her adorable brother.

Suddenly, Tetsuya looked at his sister with bright eyes "Ayano, let's make a promise! We will join the basketball team and you will teach me how to play basketball!"

Ayano blinked, but smiled warmly and put her hand on top of the basketball "I promise"

The two siblings smiled at each other with big bright smiles. They knew that each of them would definitely fulfill their promise. They knew.

1 month later

Tetsuya hugged his twin sister with wattery eyes "Ayano, please, don't go!" Both of them started sobbing as their parents watched them sadly.

A tear slipped from their eyes and she shook her head "I have to go, Tetsu. I-it's for grandma, she really needs our help right now. I have to go to America"

Tetsuya shook his head "But we promised... We promised that we would both join the basketball team, Ayano!!"

Ayano looked at her brother with eyes filled with pain "I know that, Tetsu. I will go to America for one year, but I will come back to Japan for our promise!"

Tetsuya nodded before hugging his sister once again. "Remember, Tetsu. Basketball has different styles and motives. Everyone is following those techniques, but you... you will create your own style of basketball, hear me?" Ayano whispered at him and he nodded.

Ayano opened the door and looked at the pouring rain outside. She took a big breath before taking a last glance of her brother "Good luck, Tetsu"

But as time passed, one year became six years and Ayano graduated from middle school in America. Her grandma's health became worst and the end came. One week since schools' opening, Ayano's grandma died and Ayano had to live with her family again. So, after 6 years in America, she was going to see her twin brother again.


Name: Ayano Kuroko

Age: 16 (like Tetsuya)

Birthday: January 31st, Aquarius

Appearance: She is 1.68 m tall (5'6'') , with blue light hair like her brother and electric blue eyes. She used to have long hair which reached her feet, but she cut them when she went to America.

Personality: A very happy girl, acting nicely to others and a little childlish. The two things she loves the most is vanilla milkshake and basketball. She is a candy lover and loves cats and dogs. She tries to hide her feelings sometimes. She likes messing up with Hyuga when he is angry and she is protective with her brother. She is acting sometimes carelessly and happy like Kiyoshi.

School: Seirin High

Family: Tetsuya Kuroko (twin brother), her parents, Tetsuya #2 (pet)

Hates: She hates Aomine in the start, because she thinks that he is evil. She really don't like people messing up with her and her brother and she hates vegetables.

Background info: Ayano was living in Japan with her brother and her parents. She was playing basketball with Tetsuya and the two of them made a promise: get in the basketball team. But that never happened, because when Ayano was 10, her grandma who lived in America got sick and she had to go there and look after her. She got sepereated from her brother and her personality changed a bit.  She gets back at Japan in the age of 16 and attends Seirin High.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroko no Basket, I only own my OC, Ayano!

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