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Princess of Miracles (Kuroko no Basuke FanFic) by midnightzgale
Princess of Miracles (Kuroko no midnightzgale
Kuroko Tamaki is the Sixth Player of Teiko basketball team. What will happen when she joins Seirin High's basketball team, and how can she help them along with battling...
He Meets His Match [Kuroko no Basket Fanfiction: Aomine Daiki] by iLoveTetsuyakuN
He Meets His Match [Kuroko no Riko
ONGOING (Slowly editing and very slow updates) Kagami Chiyori is your typical fanfiction girl who loves basketball and whose choices didn't really matter. She's got no...
Monster Player (Kuroko No Basuke Fan Fiction) by retardedinpajamas
Monster Player (Kuroko No Basuke Red
Tsukiko Satoshi is Tetsuya Kuroko's distant relative who comes and lives with him and his sister. She attends Seirin High and joins the basketball team where she shows h...
Changing Peach Hearts (Akashi X OC) by matcha_to_latte
Changing Peach Hearts (Akashi X OC)by Merly
"I will never leave you alone. That is my promise to you as the student council president, as the captain of our basketball club and as the emperor of your heart. I...
Bad Girl meets Emperor (Kuroko No Basuke - Akashi Seijuro) by NoOneWillStop
Bad Girl meets Emperor (Kuroko NoOneWillStop
The Red Queen and The Red Emperor meets? What if The Red Queen from America who is known for being Bad Girl- meets The Red Emperor who is always right?! The Red Emperor...
Spike and Dunk! (Haikyuu!! × KnB crossover)  by Katsu18-20Chan
Spike and Dunk! (Haikyuu!! × KnB ごめな-さん
A Haikyuu x Kuroko no Basuke crossover! ・ ・ ・ What if our happy ball of sunshine meets the sixth phantom? Who is Yamaguchi's Distant cousin? Who is Iwaizumi's cousin? W...
Taming the Beast (Seijuro Akashi x Reader) by FuyukaHanashiro
Taming the Beast (Seijuro Akashi Fuyuka Hanashiro
You're the new girl at Rakuzan and it seems like the emperor has his eyes on you. He's the perfect gentleman, but you sense something lurking in his beast-like eyes that...
Story so far (Akashi Seijuro) by Ladeladelade
Story so far (Akashi Seijuro)by Ladeladelade
Being with you was their decision and I did it right away. You're the one thing I did right. - Akashi Seijuro X OC
The Red Emperor and I [Akashi Seijuro FanFiction] by DienQuin
The Red Emperor and I [Akashi Yen
[Akashi Seijuro x OC] Aihana Hakino met the guy who she wants to spend her life with. It's him, the Red Emperor. Everything was perfect yet, it seems like the Goddess...
Turn My Cold Heart To Iron (Kuroko No Basuke-Teppei Kiyoshi Fan Fiction) by retardedinpajamas
Turn My Cold Heart To Iron ( Red
Ame Araki, a girl who doesn't care about the outside world and whose attention is hard to get. She's rather cold to others, including her younger sister Kyo who asks hel...
Phantom Butler • akakuro ✓ by THlSGRACE
Phantom Butler • akakuro ✓by Charis Ten - semi-hiatus
© June 2014 [Book One of KnB Trilogy] • revised • "Let me love you." He whispered-- And he did, til that naive love tore him apart.
Kisu (Kuroko no Basuke x Reader oneshots) by neko-chansaysnyaa
Kisu (Kuroko no Basuke x Reader Mad Trigger Hoe
random KnB guys x reader fluff/angst oneshots
The Controller [KnB] by greenteaholic
The Controller [KnB]by greenteaholic
Teikō Junior High School Basketball Club. A super strong school with more than 100 club members, boasting several successive championship wins. But even within that glor...
KnB - Aomine x Reader - Never noticed it before by Leen-chan
KnB - Aomine x Reader - Never Leen-chan
Momoi, Aomine and you have been friends for quite a while, even though you and Ahomine put the poor pinkette through a lot of stuff sometimes. The bluenette likes the us...
Kuroko no basket oneshots by otaku4ever14
Kuroko no basket oneshotsby Chiaki~
Heyyyy! I'll be writing kuroko no basket one shots~ hope you enjoy them!! Requests aren't open but I might take requests from time to time :333
Bring him back (Aomine x reader x Kagami) by aominelover0000
Bring him back (Aomine x reader INACTIVE
"That's it. I'm done." She slams the door behind her without wasting a second to look back. He thinks it's okay. She'll forgive him after summer right? Wrong. ...
SWAP (A Kuroko no Basuke Fan fiction) by ynnabanana25
SWAP (A Kuroko no Basuke Fan YNNA
What if the Generation of Miracles swap bodies? What do you think will happened to them and their highschool teams? Do you think it would help to mend their broken bonds...
Heartstrings (Kuroko no Basuke fan fic) by retardedinpajamas
Heartstrings (Kuroko no Basuke Red
When two hearts are connected. -- [1st place in the KnB Watty Awards Himuro Tatsuya Category] [2nd place in the KnB Watty Awards Best Shipping Couple]
Kuroko no Basuke Scenarios by Rukoreos
Kuroko no Basuke Scenariosby ✖ Marin McClain ✖
This is how I show love to fictional basketball players without armpit hair © Ruko Izumi | 2014 - 2015
The Revenge of Kuroko Tetsuya by MissCute-Chan17
The Revenge of Kuroko Tetsuyaby sassy_gurl
After the WinterCup,kuroko's relationship with everyone are becoming closer or... that what kuroko's thought...After one and one revealation are done.Can Kuroko trust al...