Chapter 10 - I Will Protect You



Annie's POV

We had another laughing fit. This time, it's not going to stop for fifteen minutes. Not if the images in my head is going to keep playing the scene over and over. I laughed my ass off, “I'm.. gonna.. die.. of laughter!” I laughed hysterically again when I imagined it in my head.

“I don't care anymore..” Matt cried and dramatically sobbed pathetically like a girl.

We were getting weird looks from other people but we didn't care. There is no stopping us from laughing. Not after what just happened.

What a great start of our summer break.


Leah's POV

It was later that evening. We stayed in the living room to watch the classic psychological horror movie called, 'The Blair Witch Project.' We, no, I chose that movie because it's a perfect movie to watch on summer night. I grinned like a Cheshire Cat, feeling mischief coming on.

“It can't be helped. She won at rock-paper-scissors.” Keith said, pushing up his glasses and holding a book with his other hand. He may look cool with it, but his sweat drop of nervousness says otherwise.

Matt sat on the sofa next to Keith with his arms crossed, sulking like an annoyed brat, “Who was the idiot that choose rock-paper-scissors?! Why not play cards or a dare game?!” he said, fuming with fury and annoyance.

“You.” Keith said, rudely point his finger at him, “Now, repent, Number 99.”

Matt popped a vein, “Shut up, dork. Stop bringing up my past test score!”

I laughed, “Now, now. Matt, I chose it. Deal with it.”

Annie whined, “Leaaah, please choose a different movie! You know I hate horror movies! They make me scream and pee my pants.”

I shrugged, “All the more reason to watch that movie. Kylie's immune to horror movies. Look at her eyes sparkling with excitement.” I said, pointing at Kylie smiling widely in anticipation.

Annie rubbed her headaches away, “Seriously, how can a sweet girl like Kylie like horror movies...” She said rhetorically, sighing her soul away.

Kylie said, “But, It's amusing.”

Skeptic Annie said, “Only you and Leah think that. Honestly, I'm baffled.”

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