In case you guys are still confused...

The whole Series.. no.. the WHOLE story started in 2011 in spring time. Because the whole series took a year and each chapters only happened a couple of months, I had to make the story 'happen' in 2011.

Everyone here will mention the baby a 'Boy' and will referred the baby as 'He' since Leah and Stephen decided to surprise themselves until the birth of their baby. So, Nobody really knows the true gender.




Next is the adventure to Hawaii. It will our honeymoon tomorrow afternoon. It should be exciting and yet, the sinking feeling that should be gone by now is still here.

Feels like we will be facing another obstacle.

How annoying.


Stephen's POV

Thinking about it, the doctor said the baby is healthy and 'active'. If we carry on what we're doing, we will be fine. It would be good to maintain both Leah and the baby's health.

By 'normal', not with all the running around recklessly and doing something stupid like we always do but to relax and exercise regularly and eat a lot of healthy food. Since Leah's ambition is to be like her dad, a doctor, she knows how to take care of herself and the baby so she does all the work while I do the physical work and supporting her.

All of the pictures of ultrasounds since the day when we found out Leah was pregnant until now has been kept secret in the file. Safe in the hospital, it's confidential to both family and friends. We already told everyone that it's best to keep our child's gender a secret until the birth.

Leah and I decided to surprise ourseleves and everyone.

During the pregnancy process, Leah and I have been going to the hospital in and out while she complains of how ridiculous it was to keep visiting at least three times a week. It can't be help since our parents insisted on it.

But the reason she put up with it is that we didn't have that much money to take care of ourselves and the baby so we can do at least this much.

To be pregnant at this age, there are risks since a sixteen year old body isn't suitable to carry baby. It happened way too fast that maybe I shouldn't have thought about the future so much.

I deeply sighed with regret having to let Leah suffer like this.

I packed away our clothes in the travel bags with our name tag on it while Leah waited for me in the lounge downstairs. I'll do all the physical work while Leah relaxes. Since she's two months and half pregnant, It's best if she doesn't push herself too hard. Even I'm being told countless of times by everyone.

Once I was done with the bags, I put one red bag down on the floor and pull it along with the other red bag as I dragged them out of Leah's bedroom. I could tell our parents must be downstairs because of the noisy chattering noise.

I bet she must be pissed by now.

"COULD YOU PLEASE SHUT UP?!" I heard her yelled from downstairs and all of a sudden, there was silence.

'Please' and 'Shut up' in the same sentence? That's not a polite way to tell them that. Heh, looks like moody Leah's being nagged about the risk and could not rest.

When I arrived downstairs, I could hear our parents calmly telling Leah to take good care of herself and the baby. All but Uncle Phillip. Since Leah's dad is a doctor, I would not be surprised if he isn't nagging Leah.

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