§: It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey Series 3 - The Honeymoon

§: It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey Series 3 - The Honeymoon

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Riela or Yra (Aira) By Riela_pollie Updated Nov 20, 2012

Stephen Tylline and Leah Valley finally got married without any problems. They are now, Mr. and Mrs. Tylline! 
The stalker who was over heels in love with Stephen has finally given up the night before the wedding. Right in front of Leah. Case closed. Maybe.

The newly-wed couple have decided to spend the rest of their summer in Hawaii for their Honeymoon. Away from home, just in case someone in their school comes to their doorstep and starts causing trouble because of the shocking news that Leah said.

Just when things were going so well during their honeymoon, the oh-so-nice-and-oh-so-damn-annoying married couple appears and interrupts their honeymoon. Stephen is annoyed, Leah could careless. But the pretty lady has got her eyes on Stephen but Leah doesn't seem to care and her husband is a geeky looking guy with no self-confidence, That was when the trouble starts.

For Leah Tylline.

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imafreakinggiraffe imafreakinggiraffe Apr 02, 2012
WTF IS THIS KIND OF WRITING?! YOU ARE STUPID. -____- you keep on writing cliffhangers yet you dont continue from where you stopped. stupid git. -____-
izzyrawrx3 izzyrawrx3 Jun 27, 2011
Update plz! Its been a long time since u have updated, & its at a cliffhanger! 
please update soon cnt leave it like that never saw that coming uve gt me hooked on these stories lol ur a great writter
gizardgizard gizardgizard Jun 02, 2011
I love this series!!!!!! Please upload soon!!!!!!!!! You're my favorite writer on watt pad :) please upload!
allthesmallthings allthesmallthings Mar 31, 2011
The baby's due two days before my fifteenth yay lol :D 
                              Love the story
kookie651 kookie651 Mar 24, 2011
I cant find part 2 and i like ur stories i stay up all night reading it and i dont even read