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Leah's POV

That night...

I laid on the right side of the bed. Not on my back but front. I panted heavily as the sweats soaked in my white short dress. My mindless head was blank before and now that's done with, my mind started thinking.

Heart rate beating so fast that I could feel it thumping hard in my rib cage. My long brunette hair was already wet from sweats. He had taken off my hair ties and pins to let it fall down. I laid my right cheek on the soft satin pillow, facing him. That softness feeling of the pillow really calms me down but my heart was still racing...

The guy I married today.

The guy I made love tonight.

The father of my baby.

He was panting right next to me. Laying on the left side of the bed in the same position and facing me. Left cheek on the pillow, his blue eyes wasn't filled with lust but with sadness. It made me feel a litle regretful inside but I try not to get it. He didn't wear his top but he made me wear the dress...

God, it's so damn hot!!

I groaned at the hotness in my body. It was so hot that I could feel my body burning with sensation. That throbbing feeling was still lingering inside me and my eyelids are beginning to shut down. I patted my eye lids slowly and yawned widely.

I'm hoping for the slightly pain to go away tonight and sleep early. I have an appointment tomorrow and I can't afford to be late. At least I don't want to waste my doctor's valuable time. In my tired tone, I softly whispered to Stephen who was looking drowsy, "Untie it... quickly.. " I sighed in and out heavily, "It's... so..damn.. HOT!!"

Stephen rolled hiself to face the ceiling and sat up as he sighed exasperately and turned to me. On my back, I felt the tight grip of the ribbons tightening up even tighter, "What are you doing?! It's tight enough, do you want to suffocate your kid?!"

"I'm flippin' trying!" He said angrily when I should be the one to be angry.

Since he can't untie it by hand, he decided to look around for scissors or anything sharp. Then, when he opened half of the drawers, he found a small scissor that should be enough to cut the ribbon. When he did, he went over on the side of the bed before cutting the ribbon. Then, I felt my waist gone loose and comfy that I had to sighed the relief sigh.

He put the scissor on the bedside table and turned on the lights by pulling the end tail of the sconce. Then climbed over my back and next to me as he laid his back with one arm over his forehead. I rolled myself around until I faced the empty white ceiling. My side was bright while his side was dark.

It kind of emphasises our feelings. I'm feeling a little tired but new and fresh. Kind of. While he lays there, all grumpy, annoyed and angry. I had an indifferent expression on my face when I asked him, "What's the problem?"

Then, he started talking as if I don't understand what he was feeling after finding out that I kept a lot of secrets for a long time. But did he know that it was for his own good as well as the others? For myself and the baby too?

"Look, Leah, you have to understand what it feels like being lied to your face by someone you love so much for the past TEN flippin' years. Not months... YEARS!"

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