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Leah's POV

That night...

I laid on the side of the bed. I panted heavily as sweat soaked in my white short dress. My delirious head was blank during all that wedding chaos and now that's done with, my mind became clearer. 

Finally married huh.. I thought as I sighed, staring at the ceiling. It was strangely but beautifully dim, moonlight shone through our bedroom door, reflecting on the diamonds of a humbly small chandelier. 

Somehow, I feel anxious. What is this throbbing feeling in my gut as if something omnious is about to come?

My heard was beating so fast that I could feel it thumping hard in my rib cage. I ignored the uneasy feeling as I stared at the chandelier, amazed at the beauty of the diamond pieces sparkling in the dark.  My baby hair on my front hairline were all dishevelled in a mess, wet from sweat. He had taken off my hair ties and pins.  I laid my right cheek on the soft satin pillow, facing him. That softness feeling of the pillow really calmed me down but my heart was still racing...

The guy I married today.

The guy I made love tonight.

The father of my baby.

He was panting right next to me. Laying on the left side of the bed in the same position and facing me. Left cheek on the pillow, his blue eyes wasn't filled with lust but with sadness. It made me feel a little regretful inside but I try not to let it get me. He didn't wear his top but he made me wear the dress...

Oh, lord. Why did I do it a freakin' dress? I'm dying here..

I groaned quietly. It was so hot that I could feel my body's sweat drenching the inner lining of the dress. That throbbing feeling was still lingering and my eyes are beginning to shut down.  I could feel my eyelids getting heavy and the weight on my body pulling me deeper on the comfort of my bed. I guess the whole wedding stress and everything else are finally taking its toll on me, I yawned widely, teary-eyed.

I'm hoping for the sense of uneasiness  to go away tonight and sleep early. I have an appointment tomorrow and I can't afford to be late. At least I don't want to waste my doctor's valuable time. In my tired tone, I softly whispered to Stephen who was looking drowsy, "Untie it." I whispered urgently, no energy left to move. "Quickly.. " I sighed in and out heavily, "This dress is killing me, Stephen."

Stephen groaned as he rolled himself to face the ceiling, struggling to open his eyes. He pulled himself up as he sighed exasperatedly and turned to me. I laid on my front, and his hands were trying to untie the criss-cross lace behind me while he was still fuming quietly. I felt the grip of the ribbons tightening up, "Yes, make it tighter. It's not like I need air."

"I'm flippin' trying!" He said, rather annoyed at the complex way the laces were tied up.

Since he can't untie it by hand, he decided to look around for scissors or anything sharp. Then, when he opened half of all the drawers he went through, he found a small scissor that should be enough to cut the ribbon. When he did, he went over on the side of the bed before cutting the ribbon. Then, I felt my waist loosening up as I sighed out of relief.

He put the scissor on the bedside table and turned on the light by pulling the end tail of the sconce on my side. Then climbed over my back and next to me as he laid on his back with one arm over his forehead. I rolled myself around until I faced the empty white ceiling. My side was bright while his side was dark.

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