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Dear Camila,

I fell for a girl that didn't believe in love.

I didn't want to change her but I wanted to make her believe. I was the magician and she knew all the tricks in the book.

There were other forces against us, against me, but I've convinced myself that was the strongest one.

I tried whatever I could and stuck with her longer than I've stuck with anything. It was a chase and I would never run out of gas.

So, I drove and kept driving, completely disregarding any rest stops along the way. Subconsciously, I was speeding up as the days went by, completely unaware of how dangerous it was getting.

As you go faster, your field of vision begins to get smaller, just like mine did, and eventually, all I saw was her.

While I was watching and waiting for her to finally get in the car, I didn't catch any of the signs telling me the road was about to end.

With the speed and impact, the crash was deadly. She never got in the car, but I was still the one driving.

Guess who made it out alive?

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