15 - Naughty girl.

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Drake ❄

"You said you fuckin had it man!" Domino exclaims, eyes wide and red, filled with rage. "I trusted chu with this man- now they gon' fuckin kill me!"

I rolled my eyes, and folded my eyes across my chest. "Chill Dom, I told you I'm fucking done with this shit." I seethed. "I have been for months now, and you know that." Domino glares furiously at me.

"Get your fuckin bitch ass out of-"

"Shut the fuck up man." I snapped. "I'm so sick of this! Is it so bad that I want to fucking leave all this shit behind and start a new life?" I ask, brows raised.

"Drake they gon' kill me! My life's on the fuckin line n*gga!" He spat, placing a hand on his bald head.

"I told you leave it behind with me man, I told you I wasn't gonna get you that shit!"

"I fought we were mates man!"

"We are!"

"Then why the fuck didn't chu help me when I needed chu!"

"Because I told you I'm out!" My voice boomed through the whole apartment and then everything fell silent. "I'm done with this, and if you aren't. I'm done with you too." Were my last words to Domino before I stormed out of his apartment.

I stalk out of the apartment building and start walking home. The cunt had picked me up from my house, and taken me to his house to "hang out".

Then he starts asking me if I'd gotten the shit like he'd asked me to and I said no. That's when he went batshit crazy on me.

Domino's a good friend of mine, and despite his flaws he's a good guy as well. But he gets himself caught up into so much shit that he can never seem to get out of.

It's his own damn fault those guys are coming after him. Not mine. I stopped doing drugs months ago.

I was passing through an alleyway when suddenly I heard heavy footsteps coming from behind me.

"Shit." I grumbled, picking up my pace. Nothing comes good at night around this neighborhood and I'm in no mood to fight with some fugly ass bitch.

"Hey!" A deep voice yells out gruffly from behind me. I keep walking calmly, balling my hands into fists. "Yo bitch! Stop!" Another voice yells.

I ignore them, and continue walking down the alleyway.

"Yo n*gga! He said fucking stop!" Anger courses through my veins and I hold back the urge to spin around and teach them all a lesson.

"Let's get him boys!" That's when I stop. I turn around just in time to catch a fist that was flying to my face. I twist the guys hand, and shove him to the floor before taking a step back and getting into defense mode.

"The fuck are you all?" I snarled, eyeing the five men, dressed in black and filled with tattoos.

Damn even I wasn't dumb enough to get my whole damn body filled with them.

It was silent for a few seconds before the talent one speaks up. "You Drake?" He nods his head towards me and I grit my teeth.

"Who I am, and what my name is- is none of your fucking concern cunt face!" I spat. "I suggest you fucking tell me what the hell you want before I beat the shit out of every single one of you." I growled, sizing them all up.

They're teenagers, so this ought to be easy.

"N*gga you ain't doing shit!" A black boy who looked to be around sixteen years old spat my way.

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