Chapter 1

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You are new at Ouran Academy. As you were looking for your class you got lost and wound up in by a door with a sign saying 'music room 3' on it. You pulled on the handle. As you opened the door you were blinded by a bright white light and flower petals. You walked into the room to see 6 boys sat waiting for you. 
"welcome" they said in unison. You giggled at how silly they were. The main blonde walked up to you.
"greetings princess." The main blonde said standing up and walking towards you. He introduced you to everyone. You choose to request a host. Which host do you request?

Go to Chapter 2 for Boy Lolita type (Honey)
Go to Chapter 3 for Strong silent type (Mori)
Go to Chapter 4 for Cool type (Kyoya)
Go to Chapter 5 for the mischievous type (The twins)
Or go to Chapter 6 for the princely type (Tamaki)

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