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Chapter 3

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Not gonna lie, I'd been hit by a girl before.

Okay, maybe a few. But this chick was crazy.

Not in the, she's-nuts-but-it-turns-me-on kinda way, just straight up Looney-Toons. When you're a King, you don't sweat the little people. But when that five-foot-four New Jersey Ninja Turtle kicked me in the leg, I nearly lost my shit.

I had two rules when it came to outsiders:

Rule number one: Thou shalt not cockblock.

Rule number two: Know thy place in the food chain.

Alex belonged somewhere in the animal kingdom with the small, violent creatures. The girl kicked like a football player, but I wasn't going down that easy. Falling over in front of Mindy would've lost me bro-points. I couldn't afford to lose bro-points. Bro-points got me laid. Before Alex could assault me a second time, I figured I'd finish what she'd started and set operation retaliation in to motion.

"Mindy-mouse, could you grab somebody from first aid for me?"

"Sure baby, are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, just get someone in a uniform over here."

"Okay. Be right back."

Mindy trotted off in her little short shorts while I sat up in time to catch an Exorcist-level eye roll from Alex.

"So, how much are you paying her to put up with you exactly?" she asked.

"Nothing, she's here 'cause she wants to be. What about you? You're single right? I feel bad for the last guy. Did he at least get compensation for being with you or was it charity work?"

She cocked her hand back to slap me but I grabbed her wrist before she got her paws anywhere near my face.

"Don't push your luck, Jersey," I said.

The fire in her eyes burned out quick. She shifted her focus off me and down to her wrist all of a sudden like I'd touched her somewhere I wasn't supposed to. 

"Let go!"

She squirmed around in my grip but I held her steady. 

"Why? So you can knock me out when I do?" I asked.

"Because you're hurting me."

She stared at me, eyes wild and terrified like she was looking at a monster. Maybe she was, because the old me, the me I'd done my best to bury, the me I had to drink to forget about, came to life around her.

The last time someone looked at me like that, I deserved it.

But that person mattered to me.

Alex didn't.

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