Chapter 4

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I woke up with a phone buzzy like crazy. "Hello?" I heard the voice and stare noticing it was Mark. I open my eyes to stare at my clock realizing it was only 6. "Mark it's 6 I'm the morning

"I know sorry to bother you. I thought about it all night and I wanted to ask if I can get Eunji's number?"

"No you know how mad she'll be at me?"

"Please! I won't bother you no more." He's lying he always will bother me. I was so tired and annoyed.

"Okay fine." I said and texted him her number. "There I sent it."

"Thank you." I hanged up before he can say another word to me.

I didn't feel so good so I decided to stay in my bed.

Did I got sick from yesterday please tell me I didn't. I don't want to be sick. I hate it. I cover myself with the blanket as I slowly drifted off to sleep.


I had such a wonderful time with Eunji last night. I would love to hangout with her and just talk. She's those type of people whom you can always talk to and not ever get bored of them. I should call up Sowon to hangout so I can see Eunji. I got Eunji number but I'm scared to text her. I don't know what to say.

I call Sowon but she didn't pick up. I call over and over but no answer. Did something happen to her? She didn't look so good yesterday wwhen I saw her.

I called Eunji. "Eunji?"

"Yeah Jin?" She said

"Can you perhaps give me Sowon address she told me she'll help me with my math but forgot to send me her address. She's not answering so I don't quite know where she lives." I said

"Oh sure I'll text it to you." She said

I got the address and took my homework and went to Sowon house. I got there and knock but they're was no answer. I went to the back and twist the door and it open.

What kind of girl doesn't check her house before sleeping?

"Sowon?" I said "Sowon!?! Where are you?" I said going up the stairs. Her house was awfully quiet, to quiet.

I open the door with her name on it and went in. "Sowon?" I said touching her head.

"Jin?" She said. "What are you doing here?" She opened her eyes widely. She tried to get up but I held her down.

"You didn't answer so I just wanted to check up on you. You're sick?"

"I'm okay though. Just a little headache." She said "You can go back home. I'll be fine after I rest."

"No you're burning up. Here let me go see if you have any medicine." I immediately left to the kitchen looking through cabinets and everywhere to see if I can find her some medicine.

I went to the fridge and saw some headache medicine. There was also some food. I look on the counter and there was a note.

So Mark was here yesterday?

I took the medicine upstairs but she was already sleeping. She didn't even wake up. She must be tired. I put the medicine on the table and got a wet towel to put on her head.

I took out my homework and finished it before school tomorrow. When I was finish Sowon still wasn't up. I look around her room and she have so much picture of her and Eunji. They must be the best of friend.

"What are you still doing here?" I heard a voice a little tired voice.

I turn and saw Sowon sitting on her bed with the towel on her hand. "You were sick so I waited for you to wake up to take these." I said handing her the medicine. "Eat it."

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