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commitment • pcy (editing) by viberelated
commitment • pcy (editing)by viberelated
❝ i hate you, and i will never fall in love with you.❞ ❝ sorry to upset you, but darlin'. we're already engaged. ❞ ©2017 viberelated ❁ currently, i am editing this story...
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Arranged| k.taehyung by GGUKSZZ
Arranged| k.taehyungby ☾
A story that begins with 2 polar opposites that get married for their families fortune. - ▪arrangedmarriage!au▪ [Revised 190416]
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Bittersweet Marriage Life by BestKpopFics
Bittersweet Marriage Lifeby BestKpopFics
(Shinee|Apink Fanfic) Key is forced into an arranged marriage by his mother. Eunji agreed to it as to repay their kindness towards her family, and to grant her parents'...
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Be Mine |Jeon Jungkook|⌛ by VINTAEGIE
Be Mine |Jeon Jungkook|⌛by ℯℒ
❝Will you be mine?❞ Started: 06/09/16 Ended: 28/11/16 Republished started: 18/05/19 Republished ended: 21/05/19 Highest ranking #4 on 24/12/18 ...
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Secret | MarKoeun by CHRlSTlNE
Secret | MarKoeunby ( 츄리스틴 )
"They don't know anything about us," she said between shaky breaths. She was sweating, her eyes were teary, she was scared. But he wasn't, he shouldn't be. AN...
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She Wolf [EXO]{Editing} by ohsehun1004
She Wolf [EXO]{Editing}by Anonymous
Seon is living a normal life until her mother goes missing and you wake up with strange dreams about 12 boys Her mother was a wolf with the power of all powers. A myth...
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Inlove With My Bestfriend  by L0UNATIC
Inlove With My Bestfriend by ░ʟ ᴏ ᴜ░
(C O M P L E T E) What if you suddenly fell inlove with your bestfriend ? Will your relationship still be the same?? Or will it also break apart, and make things cold an...
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The Hidden Talent ( Bts and Apink ) by eunjiofapink
The Hidden Talent ( Bts and Apink )by eunjiofapink
Eunji Yoon is a very cheerful girl, she always smile to everyone. But that's a MASK. Because deep inside her is a lonely girl who is longing for his mother's love. She...
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keyji | until then. by melodyouth
keyji | until r e s t
until then, i hope you live your best life.
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EXOPINK : I'M SO SICK of your LOVE SHOT by shxnxe
EXOPINK : I'M SO SICK of your shxnxe
Short stories and One Shot about EXOPINK's couples. Suho Chorong (SuRong) Sehun Hayoung (SeYoung/Oh Couple) Chanyeol Eunji (ChanJi) Baekhyun Bomi (BaekMi) Kai Naeun (Ka...
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Because Of You by henshinlyna
Because Of Youby henshinlyna
A girl that change hundred percents because of her past. A past that keeps getting into her mind.A past that makes her scared of boys. Until she meets a playboy in her n...
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When Will I Matter? (Rewriting :)) by HopieHopi
When Will I Matter? (Rewriting :))by Bantang Sonyeondan
Sowon was madly in love with Jin. Her best friend Eunji knows about it to. One day Jin approaches her to talk to him, did he finally notice her? Warning: Everything in t...
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Omegle | Lee Taeyong by nctzenfluff
Omegle | Lee Taeyongby nctzenfluff
As he took a few steps closer to me, my heart skipped a beat. He's such an angel, my angel. The second a hand softly took mine, I woke up from daydreming. He stood infr...
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Meeting trip by PJAMharoo7__
Meeting tripby PJA Production
Kisah cinta seorang Dokter Bedah Militer dan Seorang tenaga kesehatan Wanita yang di pertemukan karena hal yang tidak mereka bayangkan.. "jadi dia appa Jia?" ...
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yin yang [everglow] by SUNBAES-
yin yang [everglow]by stan triggled
"Please be the yin to my yang?" [yiren x aisha & others] started: july 24, 2019 ended: n/a
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[EXOPINK] we are one by kimnalee
[EXOPINK] we are oneby Kimnalee
Nothing in this world is important than family..6 brothers and their lives..different characters different ways of thinking but still bonded together by just one word &q...
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We Are Just by EiffelInLove
We Are Justby Nacha
Two friends try to figure out what they really just are. (Park Chanyeol x Jung Eunji ff)
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My Melody (Eunyeon) by Firebreak0618
My Melody (Eunyeon)by Firebreak💗T-ara🌻
This is the second Eunyeon fic i write. First posted in here:
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You by AllisonAlliSalvatore
Youby AllisonAlliSalvatore
Kim Eunji is a mom of a 4 year old, Han. She is trying to support both of them since Han's father left them. Her best friend Hyunwoo, Shownu of Monsta X, offers to help...
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El Cuñado de Park Chanyeol -CHANBAEK- [MPREG] by mdreamgirlb
El Cuñado de Park Chanyeol Mari 🌙
Park Chanyeol siempre había conseguido con dinero lo que había querido. Sin embargo lo que su hijo necesitaba era algo que ni todos los millones que había amasado podrí...
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