Chapter 6

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I got to school, as I saw Jin and Eunji talking in front of the classroom. I stare at them as Jin smile at me. I walk in the room as quickly as I can.

"Hello Sowon!" Mark smile at me as he sat down next to me. "You know I should care about Eunji and Jin but I don't feel like I do."

"What why?!?" I gave him a confused look. "I thought you said you'll always like Eunji? What happened?"

"I don't know but I'll let you know when I want to. Everything is happening to fast and I'm just... not sure anymore." He glance back at Eunji before looking away.

"Okay," I nodded as he slightly hit my head. I glare at him as he laugh.

He walked back to his desk in pure happiness. He have so much issue. He always hits me and think it's funny. One day I'll hit him. Just you wait Mark!


School went by faster soon by the time I know school was already done.

"Sowon!" I heard Jin call me.

"Sowon!" I heard Mark calling me also.

"Come here I'll take you home." Jin grabbed onto my right arm as he pull me closer to him.

"What are you doing? I'm taking her home." Mark said grabbing my left arm. He pulled me towards him.

"She's my friend!" Both of them shouted at the same time. They were pulling me back and forth. None of them wanted to give up but they were hurting me more and more and they both tug.

"Stop! You guys are hurting me!" I shouted as they both let go of me. "Leave me alone. I'll go home by myself I'm not a kid no more. If you guys feel like you guys are my friend then let me go home in peace."

"Sowon!" Mark held onto my hand again as he didn't want me to walk home.

"Stop Mark I want to be alone." I lightly smile at him as I free myself.

I got home as the tears I was holding back threatening to come out came out. I couldn't help but cry I feel so used and useless but yet at the same time I let this happen to me. I got no one to blame but myself for being like this and let people use me.

Just if I was as pretty as Eunji maybe people wouldn't use me. I wouldn't have to feel entitled to help anyone to get Eunji's attention.

I was jealous. I was jealous of Eunji. When I shouldn't be, I can't be jealous because she's her and I'm me. We aren't the same and I can't wish to have what she have. It'll be the end of Hoseok if I let jealousy get between us for my own selfish reasons.

Jealousy is never a good thing. And I am just way to jealous. I know Eunji meant well. She always think of me before doing anything. Eunji deserves to be happy instead of always thinking of me.


I woke up to my alarm crying non stop. I got ready for school and wore a little bit of make up so they can't tell I was crying. To hid the puffy eyes that I have.

I got to school and went to class. Eunji was already in there. "Sowon!"

I fake a smile so she won't know I'm hurting. She'll be worry, that's the last thing I want her to be right now. "Yes Eunji?"

"I have something to tell you." She said looking at me in guilt. "I been talking to Jin but I don't like him. I promise." She said "Look. He gave me these chocolates."

"Eunji? Are you scared I'll be hurt?" I smile a bit just staring at her. "Don't be, I don't even like Jin no more."

"Sowon! You know in a million years I would never take the one you like away from you. I don't feel right doing this. Even if you say it's okay. I know it's not." She said. "I know you more than anyone and I know it's not fine."

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