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How do I get more reads, votes, and comments?

I have been asked this question with more and more frequency and each time I've done my best to tell the person who's asking, how, at least from my perspective, to achieve those goals. 

But it takes a lot of time to write down the answer, and it's hard to say all the really important things I want to say in an inbox message or comment on my profile, so I thought I'd put it all down in a book.  Now my answers will hopefully be more thought out, and therefore more helpful to anyone who asks for my advice, or cares about my opinion.

I'm giving you fair warning that you might find me to be a bit preachy as I have some strong opinions on writing and the Wattpad community.  If you have any questions I don't address, don't be shy about asking.  I always answer questions people post here.

You can take the advice I give in this guide, or not, but either way I wish you happy writing and much success with your Wattpad journey.  :)



P.S.  There is an Arabic translation of this guide by _Dormivelgia 

There is a French version by  khawlitta211003

There is a Korean version by SilvaSilver_Gaming

There is a Spanish version by Mynameis_Eun

There is a Chinese version by hyuninns

There is a Romanian version by queenienotgoldstein

There is a Portuguese version by claudiammartins

There is an Italian version by confusedwriter00

There is an Indonesian version by Bree_Yaretzi

You can find all of the foreign language guides in my reading list 'Read These For Wattpad Success'.  If you'd like to do a foreign language translation, just let me know!

Please pass this guide on if you know someone who would find it helpful.

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