Terms and Policies| 2

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(That's Nyla up top.)

When I got back home, I changed into some black sweatpants, a black shirt, and black sneakers. I planned on going shopping with my brothers in a few hours but in the meantime I wanted to get a work out in. I headed downstairs to the gym in my building and got to work.

Later that night...

After shopping for basically everything I wanted and more, my three brothers and I decided to see a movie. When it ended we got dinner and they came back home with me. The four of us now sat in my bed in our pjs just talking. "How long you think you gonna be working there?" My older brother Aaron asked me.

"I don't know yet. Probably until I find another job in my field." I shrugged. My younger brother Cameron nodded and said, "what happened to your old job?"

I looked away and sighed a bit. "Budget cuts." I lied. In reality I was fired because of someone else. I started a relationship with one of my coworkers and he cheated on me and made my life hell at work. He threw all kinds of dirt on my name, publicly embarrassed me, and got me fired.

I didn't tell my brothers or anyone else. The only person who knew about it was my best friend Kayla. To avoid further questioning, I turned on a movie and set my alarm before putting my phone on the charger. I turned on my side and faced Aaron's back while my youngest brother Jayden clung to me. This is why he is my little teddy bear.

Soon my eyes got heavy and I was surrounded by darkness as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to my alarm and a lot of moving on my bed. I heard a thud and a yelp making me groan and sit up, with a weight on my chest. I looked down and saw Jayden laying on me rubbing his eye. I looked on over the edge of the bed and found Aaron on the floor staring at the ceiling.

I chuckled and he playfully rolled his eyes. I turned back around and looked at Cameron, he was still sleep. I decided to mess with him and kicked him out the bed. He yelped and fell with a loud thud. 

I heard him groan before he stood up. "What was that for?" He asked rubbing his head. I shrugged and stood up off the bed still holding Jayden who was laughing at the other two boys. I sat Jayden on the bed and grabbed my phone.

It was already 6:30am. I have an hour to get ready. After getting the boys out my room, I took a shower and shuffled through my laundry basket for one of the outfits I just bought. After I buy clothes I always wash them but after I took them out the dryer last night I didn't bother folding them. Big mistake on my part because now all the clothes are wrinkled and I have to take more time to iron them.

I finished getting dressed at 7:20 and damn near flew out the door with everything I needed. By the time I got there it was 7:55. I got on the elevator and prayed I made it to his office on time. When i made it to the 50th floor I walked up to the brown haired girl from yesterday. She was on the phone but looked up and smiled and pointed to Mr. Romano's office.

I understood her signal and made my way to his office. I knocked and heard a voice say come in. I pushed the door open and shut it behind myself.

I looked at him as he sat with his feet on the desk and his hands behind his head. Really relaxed. I walked up to his desk and he took his feet off.

"Good morning, Mr. Romano." I greeted.

"Good morning, first couple of things we'll be doing is going over your contract, terms of your probationary period, and what you'll be doing around here." He said. I nodded and took a copy of the contract he was holding out to me before sitting down.

"The most important thing on this contract that you will need to abide by is keeping your mouth shut about anything discussed here. It's a confidentiality clause. As my personal assistant you won't only be fetching coffee or lunch. You'll be in meetings, taking notes, traveling, organizing, and accessing files. All of this information is sensitive and if you do not comply with this clause, after signing, I can and will take legal action." He explained.

I nodded my head and read through the first page where it explained everything he had just said. I signed my name on the line at the bottom and we moved on to the next page.

"The next page talks about professionalism. You will agree to be professional in your actions, speech, and presentation."

"Now onto attire. I require you to dress in business casual clothing. The schedule determines how casual and how business professional. For example, if we have a meeting  you will represent me wearing professional attire. If we just have to stay at the office and go through small meetings with reps within the company you won't have to be dressed in an uncomfortably formal fashion." He explained.

He then showed me pictures of what was permissible and what wasn't. Dark jeans, a blouse, a cardigan or blazer with heels or flats was acceptable on regular days. Pencil skirts and dresses were more geared to special days. Apparently I'll be doing the most work on the more regular day so I would be allowed to bring sneakers just in case.

From there we went over four more pages that I signed off on. When that was done, he made two copies of it. One for me, one for him, and one for his lawyer. "These are going to be your work devices. You can set them up however, and all of the information you will need to save will be in this packet."

He handed me a Mac book air, an iPad, and an iPhone XR. They were all still in the box with the plastic around it. "Now I'm going to show you to your office and then I'll have someone show you around the building."

I nodded and followed him towards a door on the far end of his office. The door led to my office. It was a little smaller than his and it was somewhat decorated. There was a book shelf with a little stool. On the other side was a white leather couch, and a glass coffee table. I looked back at my desk and took in the Apple desk top, stationary items, and what looked like a Laniard.

I walked towards my desk with a light smile and picked up the laniard. "That's for your company ID. You'll be taken to get it made sometime today." 

I turned to Mr. Romano and smiled great fully. "Do you like it?" He asked tilting his head a little bit with a raised eyebrow. I nodded my head.

"It's great. Thank you." I said. "You'll be able to redecorate it however you want, whatever you buy for it can be charged to the company execute card and I'll just have to review it before hand."

A tall guy with blue-green eyes appeared in the doorway that conjoined our offices saying, "Sebastian! I have arrived." He can just call him that... They look alike a little bit, to be honest, maybe they're related.

"Hi Alex, can you show her around now?" He asked and he sounded a little annoyed. I rolled my eyes at his tone and Alex just nodded.

I put my bag down and followed him out the door.

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