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Dear Reader:

Delilah: Recovered is a #2017Watty Winner!  

I have spent the last year since winning the Watty working on re-writes. I am posting new chapters and would love to hear from YOU! 



Delilah Recovered © Copyright 2016 Amelia Estelle Dellos


"I wouldn't mind if u updated every minute. I love this book it got me hooked."  sanyacohen

"Your story is so original, and I really like the concept. Each chapter just gets better." 👌👌👌👌Lessliegarcia49

"Amazing start. The dialogue is awesome sauce! She's a sweet girl and i can't wait to read more about her."   tea_and_writing 

"Loved the start! Witty and intriguing! I loved the internal dialogue she was having! Bless her heart! I knew there was something about the doctor when he dropped the flashlight! Can't wait to find out more! I'll be adding this to my reading list to keep up with!"  Squeaks7

"This is incredible!! I'm glad you only put 5 chapters up or else I would be reading all night! So very impressed. Love the complex characters." ErinHennessyRennau

"You are weaving quite the web of intrigue through your story and I love it!adamowenpriestley

I absolutely loved Delilah Recovered! It was amazing, a real page-turner. I can't wait to continue the journey. I simply MUST know the rest of the story! Your writing is quite compelling. Love it! Keep it up!! 


"You may ask me some things on which I shall tell you the truth and some on which I shall not tell you. If you were well informed about me, you would wish to have me out of your hands."

-- Joan of Arc from 1431 Trial Records



When she regained consciousness, it was an endless void filled with darkness. Then agony, as a searing pain radiated up and down her entire body. The throbbing in her head was on a continual loop, bursting open and shattering into a million tiny shards. Her eyelids were two lead weights pressing down into her skull as she tried in vain to open them. The panic consumed her when she realized she couldn't move her frozen body; her heart began drumming against her chest.

Suddenly, she was on the move as she pushed open her eyes, catching bits and pieces of the light before they slammed shut again.


Am I dead?


I see lights, dead means lights out, right?


Wait, are those fluorescent lights?


Heaven would have better lighting, right?


Unless this isn't heaven.

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