Delilah Recovered  2017 Watty Winner

Delilah Recovered 2017 Watty Winner

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Delilah D Arc: "I am not Afraid. I was born to do this." By AmeliaDellos Completed

2017 Watty Winner "The Breakthroughs"
 A brutal attack causes a woman to recover her past life as a powerful witch putting her in danger from evil forces who have searched for her for centuries. (Paranormal)
 On the day she was orphaned as a little girl, accountant Dee Dee Smythe vowed to live a small, contained life. 
  In her world, 2 + 2 always equaled 4.
  Until the night she was brutally attacked. Now PTSD, insomnia and panic attacks are the least of her problems. Far worse are ...
  the visions...
  the voices...
  the time travel...
  the strange visitors...
  and the memories.
  Because far from being the average accountant she once thought she was, she discovers she is Delilah D'Arc,  direct descendant of Joan of Arc, and a powerful witch banished for 300 years, cursed by a fog of forgotten memories. 
  Now, Delilah must leave the safety and security of her life and undertake an epic journey in a new world filled with witches, witch hunters, fairies, gypsies, and fallen angels to reclaim her rightful place as the leader of her coven.
  While being thrown in the middle of an unholy centuries-long love triangle with her handsome British boss, Samuel Solomon, and a tormented social worker, Jonathan Berwick.
  In this strange new world, Delilah finds that not only her future,  hinges on a choice between love and duty.
  This is book one in a three part trilogy.
  Delilah Recovered
  Delilah Forsaken
  Delilah Saved
  Delilah Recovered © Copyright 2016 Amelia Estelle Dellos

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I’ll definitely enjoy it because my name is Delilah as well, but spelled differently 😁
PreciousGem07 PreciousGem07 Jun 10, 2017
                              It was a nice chapter with some humorous inner thoughts on Dee Dee's part. Everything about the unconsciousness and about the activities and little chat of Doc and nurses was described amazingly. :)
-Farah -Farah Dec 02, 2017
I'm honestly surprised to find most wattpad books to be atheist.
LilaRose94 LilaRose94 Apr 29, 2017
                              Wow, what a great opener, definitely enough to pique readers interest, I love her witty humour over her purse even though she's semi conscious. I'm definitely pulled in and ready for the next chapter. 👍
Jennarocks246 Jennarocks246 Dec 15, 2017
Ive got to say I’m not usually this excited to read a wattpad book! I think I’m gonna like rhis
Interesting start, I’m already hooked and want to know more.