Even the Worst

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Eva kept her eyes on her book for another thirty minutes, forcing Cora to do the same

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Eva kept her eyes on her book for another thirty minutes, forcing Cora to do the same. The book she'd been reading didn't hold her interest, but if she knew Eva, and she did, she would expect nothing but the best grade on their project. They were studying world history and were tasked to pick a non US nation for their projects.

Ms. Sinclair had told them to be creative and not stick to the larger nations. She'd said she wanted to get a taste of every corner of the world. Cora and Eva hadn't yet chosen their nation, although they'd taken out several books on Asia and the Caribbean. It would make sense that Eva would want to do their presentation on the Caribbean. Her entire family was from there.

Many pages later, Eva said, "I'm taking out this book. I think we should stick with the Caribbean. There are so many countries we could do. What do you think?'

"I agree," Cora said. "Do you know which country?"

Eva tapped her lips. "It would be easier to do my father's home country. We could even bring in mementos to go with the presentation or maybe..." She tapped her lips some more. "Maybe even some food samples. My father makes the best plantains. Come on." Eva stood, gathering up the books.

Cora gathered hers and soon they were waiting in line to check them out. "Did you bring the camera?" Eva asked.

Cora patted her bag. "Brought it."

"This is a great location," Eva said.

The main library had always been Cora's favorite for no other reason than that even surrounded by hundreds of people she could find her own corner and not be bothered by anyone. It was large but had the charm of the quaintest library. Plus, it was a great location like Eva had said and right across the street from the park. Saturday's were market day. The area was packed with vendors selling all kinds of merchandise.

Cora and Eva left the library into the cold with their books. Except for people who were coming into the library or leaving no one hung around outside like they would if the weather was warmer. In the summer, little tables would be set out where you could read, have lunch, or people watch. There would be all kinds of activities, like swing dancing for seniors. Other than Crumb and Crumble Café, or her bedroom, it was Cora's favorite place to be. She inhaled the frigid air. She could smell the faint aroma of a food stand not too far away.

"I think you should stand on the steps," Eva said. She held out her hand for the camera. "Come on slow poke. It's freezing out here."

Cora had tossed her books into her bag and her shoulder ached a little from the new weight. It felt much better once she'd taken the bag off her shoulder to search for her camera. She needed a camera bag, one that was stylish and sleek. Once she had it, she gave it to Eva. It was an old DSLR, the cheapest she could find at the time. She needed a new camera.

"Okay, stand over there." Eva pointed towards the steps, near the fountains.

Cora did as she was told. In her gray goat and green beret, she thought she looked pretty stylish. It wasn't her most creative but she hadn't posted an outfit post since last week.

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