Chapter 20: In which I am informed

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"You gain strength, courage, and confidence 

by every experience in which you really stop 

to look fear in the face. You must do the thing 

which you think you cannot do." 

- Eleanor Roosevelt 

- Eleanor Roosevelt 

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Behind closed doors. That's how it should have been handled. Instead of the public display of malice and hate, of tears and sadness. Of old memories brought anew, and thoughts that were long wished to be forgotten brought back from the dark. 

Behind the watching eye. 

There they went. As it should have been. 

The King realized as he watched his son embrace the girl, how wrong he had been to bully his way to her tears. She didn't back down like he thought she would. 

When was the last time he saw his son openly embrace someone? When was the last time he had embraced his son. 

Just as quickly as the thoughts had entered, jumbling the King's mind, they left, leaving him watching the couple below. 

The crowd wordlessly watched with the King, the display. 

Yet he still had questions that he needed answered. Still had doubts. Still did not like the girl. Still found an odd satisfaction in her tears. The King stood with his mind whirling around. He needed answers and he needed them in that instance. 

"Alpha Bruno I feel that we should take this matter behind closed doors," the King said, facing Alpha Bruno as he gave a curt nod in reply. "The rest of you are dismissed," the King barked. 

The shuffling of feet was heard as the quiet whisper of voices rose with the exiting of the nobles, soldiers and whatever other important people who had found their way into the throne room.  

Prince August and Fayette had separated by then. Fayette walked slowly to Alpha Bruno's side, tense the whole way. All of her secrets were out in the open. Many knew of her true nature now and of what she was capable of. She shuddered, as she remembered the looks in the eyes of those around her. Fear, surprise, panic, confusion. But the shuddering stopped when she felt a touch of warmth on her neck. Turning around in confusion her eyes met Prince August's surprised ones. 

"Did you...." She couldn't finish the sentence, not knowing exactly what it was that had just happened. 

The only sign of recognition that he knew what she was talking about was the slightly widened eyes that held fear and surprise in them. "It's the bond," Prince August whispered to Fayette. Without another word he turned and followed his father, Queen Rienna and Alpha Bruno to a secluded room behind the Throne room. 

Fayette followed with faltering steps. She was the Prince's life mate. The enormity of it all hit her in the stomach, leaving her breathless. 

The Bond 

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