Chapter 7: In which I am Interested

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And never could I have known the taste of Heaven,

Had I not swallowed pieces of Hell first. 


I couldn't keep my excitement at bay

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I couldn't keep my excitement at bay. 

My hands were shaking. My head moving back and forth in the same restless movement as my feet. I needed something to do. 

Lizzy was gone doing who knew what chore. 

I had the light sequence, the show, the walkway, the gardens- all of it was perfect. 

Mr. Joseph paid me the highest compliment I had ever received when I showed him my work. He simply took my hand, kissed it and said, "Brilliant." 

The atmosphere had changed drastically since the Prince's arrival. 

Instead of the chaos and random burst of hyperventilation and tears- there instead seem to be a calm over the castle. The staff knew it, and I knew it. 

We were ready for the Ceremony. 

I saw Lizzy then down the hall, struggling to walk straight with piles of vegetables stacked in her arms. 

"Lizzy!" I yelled, running to her. 

She turned around to me and smiled. 

"Come to help finally?" She joked. 

I gave a small chuckled before reaching for the carrots and potatoes piled in a basket, leaving her the lettuce. 

"Come on then," Lizzy said, motioning for me to follow her. 

We went to the kitchen and deposited all the vegetables. 

"Do you need help peeling?" I asked one of the cooks. We had only added to the enormous amount of food sitting waiting to be washed and cooked. 

"Get out of my Kitchen!" He yelled, brandishing his knife that he had been using to cut carrots. 

Lizzy stuck her tongue out at the man and wiggled it in his direction, "No need to be rude Lefair!" 

Lafair continued growling at us and waving his knife, but I knew now with Lizzy's playful banter that he meant no harm.

"Have you girls explored the castle yet?" He asked us.

We both shook our heads. Between creating the lights and cleaning for the Blue Moon Ceremony, not much free time was left for fun and adventure.

"Go on then," he said, waving his knife in the direction of the door. "I'll give you an hour break before I put you to work on them." He motioned towards the potatoes. 

Lizzy quickly grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the kitchen. 

"This is our chance!" She squealed.

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