Chapter 8: In which I am Dressed

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Keep your face always toward the sunshine-

and shadows will fall behind you. 

- Walt Whitman

- Walt Whitman

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Be the Sun. 

The thought swirled in my head as I walked down the halls numbly, following the Queen in green. 

I couldn't think as to how that could apply to the situation though. 

If I was being honest, I had no idea what was going on. 

I'm looking for a Fayette? The dainty voice rang in my head. 

What does she want with me?

Don't you two girls know how to address your Queen? 

I couldn't even remember her name. 

When I was small- when the world was right- I remember looking at pictures of the Queen with mother. She was an elegant lady, exotic looking with tan skin and dark hair and bright eyes. I remember her name- Queen Isadora. 

She died before I was born when the prince was still an infant. I remember mother saying it was a sad day. The people of the land wore the  Queen's color green to honor her. The king's howl of sorrow could be heard across all packs. 

What happened? I remember asking mother, touching the picture of the beautiful woman. 

At the time I didn't know it, but looking back, it was clear to see mother's hesitation of if she should tell me the truth or not. 

Looking at the picture, mother touched my hair and said, "Some bad men came to take the prince away, and the queen became a mother." 

I didn't understand what mother had said. I just nodded and continued looking at the beautiful woman in my hands. I adored Queen Isadora when I was little and was horrified to find out that the King had already married another woman. Queen Cora. 

I heard the news- even as an omega - when Queen Cora was banished from the land for her adulterous acts. 

And now four years after that incident, the new Queen was in place. 

I studied the back of her while we walked down the halls- going to an unknown destination. I could vaguely remember her name, but being an omega I didn't keep up with the royals and happenings of politics. When I did go to school, I would always be in the labs. I never worked with history. 

She's young, I thought. But looks could be deceiving. This Queen looked as if she was still in her 20's, whereas the King rightly should be in his 50's.

What is her name? I thought, frustrated with myself. Even if I'm just an omega, I should still be able to know the royal family's name. 

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