Chapter 35: In Which I Smile

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Close your eyes and picture the sun. 

That's what it feels like to love her. 


I went back to the science department

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I went back to the science department.

Back to my lab.

I was obsessed.

I went to unlock the door, but found it already unlocked.

Panicking, I threw open the door, looking wildly into the room.

Jasmine and Yasmine were sitting there, staring at my instruments, but making no moves to touch or interfere with them.

They jumped up at the sight of me.

"Fayette!" Yasmine said, her voice high pitched and strained, "What are you doing here? Why are you not laying down!?"

I shook my head and went over to my instruments. I assessed them, making sure each was in their proper place.

"Fayette," Yasmine said, her voice becoming more worried, "Fayette look at us."

"You didn't touch anything did you?" I said. My voice was panicked and shaking, "You didn't mess with anything did you? Did you touch this?!"

"No Fayette we didn't," Jasmine stood up, her hands raised calmy, "calm down Fayette. We didn't touch anything."

I felt a sigh of relief leave me.

"Explain," Yasmine said. She and her twin came closer, cornering me now.

I shook my head, "I ....I can't tell you."

"What's this then?" Jasmine held up a small piece of paper- on it were my scratched in words-

"To whomever reads-

Ask the King.


"I...," I felt myself deflate as the twin's eyes tore into me and my secret.

"Your King ordered you to do something didn't he?" Jasmine asked.

I couldn't even nod my head to confirm their thoughts. I tried to communicate with my eyes.

Jasmine nodded, "He threatened you?"

I looked up, then back at them, my eyes silently nodding my answer.

"And you can't tell us because he ordered you not to tell?"

I wanted to weep at how accurate Jasmine was. How clever she was.

They watched as the tears silently fell down my face.

"Oh Fayette," Yasmine said.

Both sisters came forward and wrapped me within their embrace, whispering soft words of comfort as I cried into them.

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