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            Depression isn't something you can get over. It isn't always crying yourself to sleep, putting on a fake smile, always being sad and down. Depression can be happy, smiling and laughing with your friends, but then begging this sudden urge that you don't deserve to be happy. You can still be happy, you just feel like you don't deserve it.
            When you get home, you immediately go to your room, afraid that if someone tries to talk to you, you'll be emotionless or you'll break down. You sit in your bed, staring at the wall. Your head is pounding from overthinking. You don't even notice the gear that sneakily made its way down your cheek.
            The tears start flowing freely while you receive a text on your phone; it was one of your friends asking for help with their life. You help them, even though your crying your eyes out.
            They finally ask you what's wrong because you are texting different. And here you are at 2am with tears in your eyes, thinking of killing you self, while all your friends went to sleep hours again because you told them...

"I'm fine."

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