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Her head was pounding, her cheeks wet with rivers of tears, heart beating faster as she tries to stop hyperventilating. The brain in her skull was overthinking, thinking of ways she could easily hurt herself in this lonely house. She couldn't stop thinking 'I'm going to do it tonight.'
She dragged herself out of her bed, her eyes loosing sight for a minute from the lack of food she consumed today.
The rivers of tears stopped as she looked around for the blade.
One cut.
Two cut.
Three cut.
The pills were opened, she took them. At least thirty.
She filled the bath. Got in, fully clothed. 12 cuts later, her eyes were becoming heavier as she falls into a never ending sleep.
Her clothes soaked, eyes shut. The blood from her wrists and thighs mixing in with the cold water.
No one will know, because no one cared enough to figure it out.

Guys, please read this. If there's something going on or your depressed or just don't fit in, message me on here or something. I love to try and help people and I only write these stories off what comes to mind. Sometimes I can relate to them, but it seems that some of you readers can relate too. If you ever wanna talk or even think of doing something bad, message me. Please.

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