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            She promised herself she wouldn't do it again. That she wouldn't cut her pale wrists until they were red.
            But the pain in her mind has overcome her. All she wants is a little bit of relief.
            Relief to feel free from all this pain. Is her blood what is hurting her eternally? Cutting comes with blood. If she cut again, would the relief that comes with it be from loosing blood?
            Of course, the blood isn't the pain, but it feels like it. Blood is one of the only things keeping her alive at this painful moment.
            So why did slicing her wrists come with relief?
            With slicing her wrists comes with blood. Loosing blood. The more blood she looses, the closer she is to dying.
            Dying is her relieve. That's all she wants. If she dies, the pain is gone. That's where the relief starts and ends.
            But she promised herself she wouldn't slice her wrists with that blade again.
            But it's tempting.
            But I don't want the pain.
            It's too late.

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