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            Midnight blue, the sky rages across the land. Stars twinkled in amusement, insulting the lonely girl sitting by the lake. Wind blew the water roughly in the direction of the mountains, leaves falling off their branches from the oncoming autumn season.
            Her eyes were a dull blue, watching as the navy water lapped against the rocks. The rough wind blew through her hair as she swung back and forth on plastic hanging from the tree.
            She got up, looking at the twinkling stars. From the ground was a thick branch that hung above the water. She crawled onto it after taking off her converse, letting the water forcefully wash over her bare feet as they hung in.
            Watching the plants blankly, her mind reeling. All the thoughts of the day that beheld her kept popping through her brain. Those dull blue eyes now filled with an emotions. Regret. Not only regret but sadness. She shouldn't if done what she did.
            Those dull blue eyes now filling with big tears. But she blinked them back. She would not cry. This is not something she is allowed to cry about. This wasn't her story to cry about. It was her fault and she shouldn't be crying.
            The pounding of her head made the headache burn through her skull. She wanted to talk to her about it, apologize for what horrible things she did. She had done the worst thing a best friend could do.
            There was this guy she mad up. Her friend ended up falling for this guy that she created. The guilt ate her alive and she tried to get rid of the whole situation.
            She sat at this lake every night. Every night she sits here and wills herself not to cry. This regret and guilt has been eating her soul for months. She's not alive anymore, she's only awake.
            Everyone notices her lack of happiness, but they don't ask. They watch to see if she's going to get worse. They don't help which makes her even more depressed. But she feels like she deserves it all.
            Brown, tangled hair flew behind her with the wind. Cold, almost freezing, water graced her feet sending goosebumps up her arms. Her skin pale as she knew what she was going to do next.
            Don't do it. The part of her that still had hope tried.
            It's too late. She replied to her mind as she launched herself into the freezing water.

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