1. Hades Bookshop

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I let out a deep sigh as I ran up the staircase of my local bookshop, located in the heart of the city. I loved working here, not only to surround myself with the things I love but also to get away from all my worries.

I lived alone in the city, thanks to my dad who allowed me to stay in his 'business trip condo'. I managed to get out of my hometown straight out of high school, saving up all my money from the various jobs I worked and got myself a car. It was nothing fancy, and I still had to work to pay it off as well as the rent for the condo, but I felt independent. I finally felt as if I was ready for long twisted path of adulthood.

Four years later, here I was, a part time employee at one of the biggest bookshops in our city and almost a psychology graduate. It seemed as though I had everything together.

I bowed politely to the employees who stood behind the counter of the bookstore, looking absolutely bored as usual.

"Always so bright and early" Jenni, one of my friends and the not no enthusiatic cashier yawned.

"Unlike you, I dont have a life" I chuckled and leaned against her counter. "Were you out partying last night ?"

"We were celebrating my friends....uhm grades ?" She forced a smile and held her hungover head.

"Sure" I replied, shaking my head.

"Everyone get to your spots, Its almost time to open!" Our Manager, Mrs Yook announced and stuck up the schedule on the noticeboard.

I walked over to check my position and sighed in relief.

' psychology & human studies - (y/n) '

I knew she only posted me there because the other employees could not recommend any psychology books to the visiting students and professors. Either way, I enjoyed being up there because I got to catch up on my own reading.

I got up to the fourth floor and began reordering the books as I heard the shop begin to fill up.

Since it was a friday, I didnt expect many people to be up here. The only days the fourth floor is filled was when the psychology paper was just around the corner. Seeing as it looked like one of those vacant days, I decided to find a quiet place in the back of the room to dive into one of my favourite books.

It could of been an hour or two, I couldnt really tell when I was involved in a book, when I heard shuffling around the bookshelf near me.

Jumping to my feet, I straightened my uniform and put on a bright smile to assist the customer.

"Hi can I help you with anything ?" I said in a polite voice as the figure turned around.

To my surprise it was a young boy, a year or two younger than me. He was ridiculously tall, but graced a pure, almost child like face. His eyes were covered slightly by the tufts of blonde hair that sat on his head.

"Do you....have anything by David Eagleman ?" He said with a smile.

"Yeah we do follow me" I replied and led him over to another set of bookshelves. "Are you doing a paper on him ?"

The boy chuckled lightly, amused with my assumption. "Im not a psychology student" he answered in almost an obnoxious tone, "I read these books for fun."

"I see... thats quite rare but who am I to judge, here you go" I smiled and handed him a few books by one of the biggest psychology authors I deeply respected.

"Thank you" he grinned cutely. I couldnt quite understand why a kid was interested in such a genre. He noticed my curious eyes trying to read him and cocked his head to the side.

"Is something wrong ?" He asked and brushed his hair out of his face.

"Its...its odd" I chuckled embarrassingly, "you honestly read these books for fun ?"

The boy nodded and looked down at the books in his hands.

"Honestly speaking, my dad got me into this."

There it was.

"But Im kind of getting into it, I might even take psychology next year" he continued with a cheery smile.

"I actually major in psychology, if you need any help I could be of assistance" I replied and his eyes beamed brightly.

"Wow really ?" He gleamed, "are you free later on...maybe you could explain some stuff to me."

"Uhm sure" I responded hesitantly. I was quite surprised by his sudden offer, but I could tell he seemed very keen.

"Cool, Im going to pay for these and wait until you get off shift" he grinned and gripped onto the books tightly.

"Yeah, I'll be free in an hour or so...uh-"

"Hyuk....SangHyuk" he smiled, "I'll meet you downstairs (y/n)."

I watched as the quirky boy made his way out. I looked down at my nametag and noticed it was  covered by my jacket. How did he know my name ?

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