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Kiss Me Right [svt Joshua lvlz Kei] ✔ by sebonglijeu
Kiss Me Right [svt Joshua lvlz Kei...by ♚ 케럿리너스 ♛
"Teach me. How to KISS RIGHT," - Kei Kim "Make me. To KISS YOU BACK," - Joshua Hong "Do it. KISS ME RIGHT," - Lee Hongbin Kei Kim need some...
Verivery  by salty_manake
Verivery by amy
+ Collection of VERIVERY story + Stan Talented Salty Manake 💕™
(LeoN/NEO) The World of Us by darkskyez
(LeoN/NEO) The World of Usby darkSkyeZ
Jung Taekwoon. He has always heard stories about the human world from his 'lifelong friend' that lived on the other side of the door that separated the two. He lea...
Vixx chatroom by l00-05-18l
Vixx chatroomby Just me
Vixx chatroom! I've read a couple of these type of stories and enjoyed reading them, so I decided to make my own..but Vixx version, and of course it'll be totally weird...
Demon Puppet by Makatza1
Demon Puppetby Ann Marie S
The exciting sequel to "Prisoner"! Nearly 100 years have passed since Hero escaped. The pack is gone, destroyed by hunger and lack of moonlight, having been tr...
We Got Married | NeO [ON-GOING] by JungChanSeok
We Got Married | NeO [ON-GOING]by GEM
=>SEASON 2... Another couple. We will all know what kind of couple they are. Rank #1 in Neo [02-01-2019] Rank #1 in Taekwoon [07-08-2019] Rank #1 in Hakyeon [11-04-20...
VIXX'S VOODOO DOLL by youngforever143123_
VIXX'S VOODOO DOLLby youngforever143123_
Popular South Korean boy group, VIXX, has been hiding a dark secret; they are vampires. Every time they meet their fans, they take something, a lock of hair perhaps. But...
The Son of Zelos (VIXX Fanfiction) by Kurai_Sen
The Son of Zelos (VIXX Fanfiction)by Kurai_Sen
We all get jealous now and then, but what happens when that person getting jealous is the son of the embodiment of jealousy? Cha Hakyeon is a demigod, the son of Zelos...
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Haunted | VIXX + Dreamcatcher by Kurai_Sen
Haunted | VIXX + Dreamcatcherby Kurai_Sen
A dare by her friends leads her to spend the night in a haunted graveyard, where she meets a mysterious boy who keeps her company throughout the lonely night. Subsequent...
Moorim School: A Different Perspective by Andrianna2016
Moorim School: A Different Perspec...by Andrianna2016
A different look on Moorim School: Saga of the Brave. Seo Min Ah should have know that her relatively normal life was going to be chaotic when two new students appeared...
Our Sweet Angel { DREAMCATCHER } by GoodNightSleepTight
Our Sweet Angel { DREAMCATCHER }by Min
"Her Angel's face, as the great eye of heaven shined bright, and made a sunshine in a shady place." Yoohyeon grew tired of the angel society, she was quiet bac...
Beautiful Liar [VIXX - Leo] by aabraa
Beautiful Liar [VIXX - Leo]by Cathlyn Flores Abracosa
Mysterious disappearances have been occurring in Seoul, a lot of women have been kidnapped and never been seen again. Oddly enough, we have a mysterious new teacher who...
[VIXX Neo] Butterflies by babyliciousdelirium
[VIXX Neo] Butterfliesby babyliciousdelirium
A cold businessman known as Leo. But is he really cold? A warm teacher known as N. Why is he so warm? With a common interest, a friendship forms and flowers bloom. Butte...
Appas? by choi_seungchoke
Appas?by choi_seungchoke
I didnt see a book about being adopted to vixx so here it is Moon MinTae was a 5 year old girl who was have canadian and half korean. Her mother died when she gave birth...
Imagine [VIXX BL Oneshots] by DianaBances
Imagine [VIXX BL Oneshots]by Diana Asuka
Really short oneshots. May include soft smut and AU. For all the dirty minded. Because the guys are dirty minded as well. Just something I wrote out of boredom in the f...
6 Degrees Of Separation [Namjoon/Hyojung] by CharlottesCookie
6 Degrees Of Separation [Namjoon/H...by 🍪
[Song Series #3; romance/au] • • • "you're only doing this out of desperation. you're going through six degrees of separation" • • • There's no doubt tha...
Vixx imagines [HIATUS] by smallbeanme
Vixx imagines [HIATUS]by smallbeanme
Just a whole bunch of imagines of each member. REQUEST ARE CLOSED {Started 5th April 2017}
+ STRIKE THE BLOOD + [NBin/ChaBin] by jin_BangtanStreet
+ STRIKE THE BLOOD + [NBin/ChaBin]by problematic_af
"Why? Why me?" "Cause you have blood sweeter than any" ~~~ Read about a bloody turned upside down Love story between a evil vampire and a stubborn hu...
For Starlights  by __misakii__
For Starlights by Misaki
A collection of short stories about the boys of VIXX.
WISH by putri_jjae
WISHby Jjae 🤡
Yang ia lakukan hanya mengabulkan keinginan mereka.. Jadi... apakah ia salah? Cerita ini saya private... Bagi yang suka silahkan baca... Yang tidak, silahkan menjauh.. C...