...she's a BITCH

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I gave Daisy a questioning look, waiting for her to continue.

"It was..."

She had lost her words.

"It was who Daisy?" I said.

"ItWasEmelie." She said really fast, all together.

"Did you say that it was Emelie?" I said calm but omg, my knuckles were tighten and I was so ready to punch that lady.

"Ye..yeah. Look, it was at the bonfire when she got mad at you and wanted to do revenge."

Omg, really? I didn't even do anything wrong!

"Revenge because I sang a song with her boyfriend? Really?!" I yelled.

How could someone go that low? It was just a song.

"Give me 10 minutes and I'll be fully ready for school." I said and tried to shove them out.

"Oh, na-ah! You're not coming to school gurl, you're going to stay at home." Franco said.

"He's right Lucy, don't come." Daisy said, agreeing with Franco.


"Calm your tits woman!" Franco said.

"Look, sweetheart! We don't want you to get in a fight or something okay? It's best for you to stay here." Daisy said, knowingly.

I'm not staying. I wasn't going to stay here. I just couldn't.

"It's not like I'm gonna go and have a catfight with her! I just wanna stand up for myself and I just want to lecture her up!" I said, making them understand.

"Okay." Daisy said.

"OKAY?!" Franco said, confused.

"Franco, shut up and get out. I need to change!" I said and shoved him out.

I closed the door which left me and Daisy standing in my room.

"Look, you don't have to do this!" Daisy said.

I wanted to do this. I wanted this to end. I couldn't take this anymore. I didn't want to get stuck another year with stupid revenges. If she wanted Tyler, she could have him. I didn't want him anyways!

"But I want to." I replied simple and then searched for clothes in my warderobe.

I picked a light beige sweater, light jeans and a pair of white converse. I picked my hair up in a ponytail and did my daily makeup then grabbed my phone and took Daisy by her hand.


I was behind my locker and looked through my backpack since I forgot it yesterday in my locker, I looked for my iPod and just when I found it, I heard someone speak up.


I looked up and faced Emelie. Show time!

''Yeah?'' I replied.

I wanted to play cool in the beginning.

''I heard something bad happened to you yesterday, I hope you're okay.'' She said, bringing her innocent Emelie in the whole thing.

''Oh, cut the crap Emelie! I know you were the one that set me up!'' I said.

Everyone was surrounded around us and a lots of them were filming.

''What do you mean?'' She said, fake laughing.

''What do I mean? Oh, we both know what I mean. I'm tired of you and your stupid revenges! The way you treat people, you should burn in hell Ems!''

She was lost for words, she couldn't even breath clearly so I continued.

''Look guys.. I didn't mean to cause this drama around here and you all know I hate being surrounded by people's attention on me. But do you know guys what this girl right here did?'' I said.

My eyes got stuck on someone, Tyler. I swallowed and continued.

''This girl right here photoshopped a picture of me being naked and literally s-u-c-k-i-n-g on some dude's penis. And do you know why? because I sang a stupid duett with her boyfriend at the bonfire Mark held. That's why. And I'm tired of being one of her puppets that she thinks she can do everything to. I may not have stand up for myself before but it's time to take action.''

I took a deep breath and continued.

''It's not fair to be treated like this. I'm tired of all of this. I'm tired of you stuck up people who looks up to Emelie and her two little followers.''

I met Tyler's eyes again so I decided to say something to him.

''And Tyler.. I really feel sorry for you, I mean, how can you even keep up with her? She's worse than the devil itself.''

I looked around and met Ashton's eyes.

''I really feel sorry for you all. Mostly for the ones who keeps up with her, if I were you, I would focus on something better but I guess most of you have still some things to learn.''

Emelie was lost for words so I just shoved her with my elbow and walked to class, not caring about anyone.


Another quick update, woop!

Hope you liked this one. Next one might be much longer but I'm not quite sure yet.

So.. the title for my new story is.... *drums* THE STRIPPER! Hahaha, I know the name is crazy but also pretty awesome. I think you will like this one alot. So keep your eyes open cause when this story is finished, The Stripper will be out! 😄

Love you guys,

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