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Sunday flew past really quick and now we were on Monday. I hated Monday mornings, literally the worse. I walk past my mom and unlock the door to get outside. Ty was supposed to pick me up today. I guess you could call us 'officially friends.' I think I like him more than that though. Problem is, I like Dan too. He's such a decent guy and he's been really sweet to me. I guess I need to get somewhere in the middle of our friendship with Ty to know if I really like him in that way or not.

I spot Ty's car and wait for him to stop the car so I can get in. I watch as he gets closer and then stops the car. That car was fabulous, really.

''Hey jock!'' I shout as I walk to the car.

''Hey dorky.'' He smirks and waits for me to get closer.

As I try to open the door, he hits the gas pedal and drive away.

''TY!'' I yell and then he stops.

I try opening the car door once again but the second I'm about to open it, he drives a little bit further.

''I'm going to kill you Ty!'' I shout at him.

He chuckles and waits for me to get in. To my luck, this time he didn't drive away. He just let me get in. But that didn't change the fact that I wanted to kill him so badly.

''Don't ever do that again, Roberts!'' I punched him lightly on his right arm.

''Since when did you call me by my last name?''

''Since now.''

''Should I get used to it, or?''

''You might as well should.''

''Fine by me.''


''Lucy!'' I heard a familiar voice shout.

I turned around to face my very bestfriend Daisy. Gosh, I loved that girl!

''Hey baby!'' I said and hugged her tightly.

''How was the concert?''

''One word, AMAZING!'

We shared some giggles and then got back to serious again.

''You've been hanging out with Ty lately.''

Now when I think about it, maybe I have?

''And?'' I asked.

''Are you guys like dating now or something?'' She questioned with a disgust face.

She hates Ty, so that explains it.

''No, really not! I've met a hottie though.'' I snickered.

''What?! Who? When? How?!'' She asked, jumping up and down.

This is why I loved the girl. Her energy, the best.

''He was one of the security guys at the concert. His name's Dan.''

''Olala, a security guy and a Dan. I think you've found yourself a hottie.'' She giggled.

''He's muscles look amazing.''

I knew she loved muscular boys, she could 'die' for them!

''Omg, you need to show me a picture of him!'' She demanded, dreamily.

''I will try to get one tonight at our date.''

''You have a date with him? Tonight?!''


She immediately jumped up and down in surprise. I just laughed at her because she looked so stupid but cute doing the jumping.

''So, you and Luke. Care to share a little?''

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