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Me and Emelie are walking hands in hands down the park.

''You want to go to Wendy's?'' She asks, pointing to the diner around the corner.

Do I really wanna go? Lucy works at that diner, is it worth seeing her? What if Emelie being Emelie, makes fun out of her?

''Baby?'' She asks again.

I slip out of my gaze and smile at her.

''Let's go.''

We are walking to the direction that takes us to the diner. When we reach to the entrance door, I open the door as we go in.

I follow Emelie as she picks us a table. We sit down and wait for someone to come and take our orders.

''Hello and welcome to Wendy's. May I take your orders?''

I look up to see Lucy with her little book to take notes.

''Hi Lucy! I'm starving so a hamburger menu for me.'' I say and she writes it down.

''And for you Emelie?'' Lucy says, looking at Emelie.

''What can I get here that has no sugar, no carbs, and is fat free?''

Wow, did she really just say that?

''Water.'' Lucy says and turns on her heel.

I laugh a little to that as I see her make her way back with a glass of water.

''Here's your water and as for you, your food is ready soon.'' She says and looks at me.

''Thank you.'' I say and she turns around and goes to the counter.

I hear my phone bipping and I look at the screen and see that I received a text from Mark.

Mark: Bonfire tonight at the beach, 7 pm. BE THERE! (Invite people)

''Do you want to come to the bonfire tonight Emelie?'' I ask her.

''What time?'' She says.

''7 pm.'' I reply.

''In an hour?'' She asks, looking at her watch.

No, in months baby.

''Yes, in an hour!'' I say strict.

''Okay, I'm in.'' She says, kissing my cheek.

Lucy comes towards us with my plate of food.

''There you go Mr. Roberts!'' She says with her cheeky smile and puts the plate down on the table.

''Thanks! Hey, are you coming tonight to the bonfire?'' I ask her.

''Ty!'' Emelie says and smacks my shoulder.

I'm just curious to know.

''I don't know, Daisy just texted me about it.''

Sweet! She's probably coming then.

''Oh, okay. I'll see you there then.'' I say with a smile and take a bite of my hamburger.

I watch as she goes back behind the counter and pulls her phone out. I'm excited to see her tonight since we never are at the same parties and bonfires.


Everybody is hanging out at the beach, drinking beers and dances to the music. I'm sitting by the fire and warming a marshmallow as I drink beer from my red cup. Emelie was with Ashley and Carly, having fun with the others as they swim in the water.

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