Date night

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''But I can't wear that one. Not on our first date.''

I was arguing with Daisy about what I should and should not wear tonight on my date with Dan. Daisy had picked out a really tight and short dress that showed all my curves perfectly and everything but I thought it was too much on a first date and on a November.

''But I really like that dress Lu!'' She groaned.

As much as I liked that dress too, it was way too much.

''So wear it someday when you go out with Luke for dinner. I'm sure it would look great on you!''

''Fine by me.''

''But we still need to find me a dress.'' I sighed.

''Hmmm...'' She said, looking around my room.

I realized that she was looking at the picture of me and my mom that was on my bedside table. The picture was taken two years ago in New York.

''Daisy, what are you looking at?''

I was confused. We were supposed to look for a dress that I could wear tonight, not look at a picture that was on my bedside table.

''Your mom's dress. Does she still have it?''

I went over to her side and looked at the picture. Mom was wearing her favorite red dress. It was a beautiful fabric!

''Yes, of course. It's her favorite dress!''

''Go get it.''

''But why?''

''Because it will look perfect for tonight. Now, come on. Time is money, you have only two hours to get ready!'' She basically shoved me by my back, out of my room.

''Okay, okay.'' I muttered.

I went outside of my room and into mom's room. I usually borrow her clothes a lot since we kinda have the same size. I opened her walk in closet and looked for the dress in her dress apartment. I came across a really beautiful baby pink dress that I noticed was from when mom was 19 years old and bought it. It was a really easy, outgoing dress. But unfortunately, if I didn't listen to Daisy, things could go wrong, also, I really liked the red dress so I was kinda looking forward to wear it.

As I kept on looking for the red dress, I came across many beautiful dresses. But finally, I found the red dress. Awesome! I looked at it, focusing on every detail and thought that this was the dress for tonight, it was perfect.

I picked it up and went to my room with it. I put it on my bed and let Daisy take a look at it so I could call my mom and ask her if I could wear it tonight. I dialed her number and let the signals make their way.

''Hello sweetheart!'' Mom spoke on the other line.

''Hey mom!''

''What are you doing, honey?''

''I'm with Daisy at our house.''

''So, how come you're calling?''

''You know how I said that I had a date with the Dan guy tonight?'' I asked nervously.

''Of course!''

''Can I please, please, please wear your red dress that you wore to New York, two years back?''

She usually says yes so I hope she will now.

''My favorite dress?''


''Of course, darling! Just be careful with it, will you?''

''Yeah, mom! Thanks alot!''

''Anytime. I gotta go now, honey. I love you!''

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