Senior year

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I entered the school with my everyday look even though it was the first day of senior year. This year was going to be awesome I thought for myself as I walked down the hall to get to my locker.

''Heey guurl.'' I heard someone say.

I turned around and saw one of my bestfriends standing infront of me.

''Omg, hey Franco!'' I said as I hugged him.

''So, how's your summer been?''

When I thought about that question, flashbacks started running threw my head. I had really fun.

''I had a great summer but someone special was missing tho.''

''Was that me? It was me wasn't it?''

''Ofcourse it was you Franco! You have to stop travelling around every single summer just to find some new hot boys to hook up with!'' I said laughing.

''You know it's hard to find gay guys here so I have to try if I want someone nice!''

''Yeah, yeah.''

I turned around to my locker and closed it then turned back around to Franco.

''So, any summer love?'' He said.

''Not really.. what about you?''

''I found a few and went on a few dates. But there is someone special.'' He said full of excitement.

''Really? Who?'' I said with a huge smile.

''He's name's Brandon and he's 18 years old.''

''Omg, do you have a picture?''

''Yeah, lemme' just find one.''

I looked around a little bit and saw that the school was full of students. But then I saw someone coming towards my way. She seemed so stressed out with her outfit and everything.

''Luuuuucyyyyy'' I heard her scream after me.

''Hey Daisy!'' I replied as I hugged her.

Daisy was one of my closest bestfriends. Franco was my guy gay bestfriend and Daisy was my dorky little girl bestfriend. They stood me closer than anyone, even my mother. I really loved both of them!

I saw Franco and Daisy hugging each other as they said their hey's.

''Here he is!'' Franco said, showing me his phone screen.

He was H-O-T!

''I'm tired of all these hot guys that are gay.''

''Who's that?''

''My summer love. Did you find a summer love Daisy?''

''I was stuck this whole summer with Lucy so I guess she was my summer love.''

We all laughed at that.

''Oh, there's Dylan! Is it okay if I leave you two?''

''Ofcourse Franco!''

I looked over at him and Dylan and just smiled wide. Then I felt a bad feeling in my tummy. I was nearly about to shit myself. I think it was the tacos from yesterday.

''DAISY! The girls', now!'' I said while holding my stomach tight.

We ran down the hallway and took the directions to the restroom. As I opened the door, a boy came out from it. I looked up and to my luck, it was the one and only Tyler Roberts. School's most popular guy, jerk, player, quarterback, hot, sexy, attractive, anything you name it. I hated him a little bit too much.

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