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TW: accident


"Fuck, Alex!"

The car swerved as they rode in the dark and rainy Miami night. The visibility was low, and they just narrowly avoided ramming into a station wagon to their right.

The girl looked over to her left, her boyfriend had both hands firmly on the steering wheel. That wasn't what worried her, it was that his gaze was as foggy as the air outside them. The girl knew that night was a mistake, she never should have brought her boyfriend to the party knowing how he got with drinking.

"Alex, babe pull over. I will drive." The girl ordered, raising her voice a little higher. She wasn't sure he could hear her.

They were playing out the dream scene every girl in her year wanted. Hot boyfriend driving his car with a hot girl beside him just after leaving a party. She knew better, she knew that not every picture perfect moment felt the same. Like then she knew she was scared for her life, her boyfriend wasn't being rational.

A honk blared past them which made her jump in her seat. Her hands gripped the seat belt tighter.

"I got this babe," he said, the alcohol slurring his speech.

She noticed they were moving towards the left, away from their respective lane. She reached out and grabbed the steering wheel. He pushed her away.

She wanted to say that in those moments, it was him she only saw, but he wasn't. It was two headlights.

Then darkness.

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