Introducing Innocence

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 Healing Harry’s Heart

Chapter 11

Blaise’ POV

  I was completely shocked when I heard about Harry’s cousin. He’d told us he was physically abused, and he’d told us about his Uncle and stuff, but he’d never mentioned his cousin. I looked around the room at my other Slytherins, I could tell they were just as surprised as me. Crabbe and Goyle were devising ways to ‘take care’ of the Dursleys without Harry knowing, Teddy was just being Teddy, and hyperventilating in the corner, and Draco was organising his scarf collection according to material instead of colour.

“Draco, do you really think it’s appropriate to organize a scarf collection after hearing that news?” I asked him.

“You know how I get when I’m shocked Blaise! Scarves calm me down!” He said “Good golly! My plums are with my burgundies… See, I’m a right mess now!”

   I rolled my eyes at him, and turned towards Crabbe and Goyle, “You know he’ll find out it was you two.” I told them, “He’s not stupid, and he doesn’t want you to kill them.”

Crabbe smirked, “It wouldn’t be us that would kill them. It would be somebody with more time on their hands who could take care of things slowly… very slowly”

“Then he’ll find out you were the ones to order the hit, and he’ll never forgive you.”

“Fine,” muttered Crabbe, “But I’m still ending in somebody to… give them a message.”

I nodded my head, “Fine, but you better make that call before Harry and his cousin get back, or he’ll know something’s up. I believe that his cousin will be staying in our dorm, but I’m not sure.”

“He’ll be staying with us?” asked Teddy nervously, “but what if we scare him?”

“I believe,” I said slowly, “That he will have to know about our histories. It may make him a little bit more comfortable if he understands that none of us are perfect.”

Teddy nodded, looking satisfied, but still a bit nervous.

   For the next hour, we were just sat around in our dorms, once in a while shifting positions, and scowling at each other for not knowing more about Harry’s condition. Draco finished sorting his shoes, trousers, scarves robes, sunglasses, and hair-gel, before starting to look through Crabbe’s trunk for more things to organise by colour and material.

“Stop touching my things,” growled Crabbe, “Or I’ll make sure you’re banned from all scarf stores in the entire British Commonwealth.”

Draco gasped, “That’s low!” somebody giggled at the expression of horror on his face, and we all turned quickly towards the door were Harry was standing, by his side was a little boy. He looked about seven-years-old, and he had long black hair that was even messier than Harry’s, and green eyes that were just as bright. What really stood out though were the bruises on his face. They ranged from dark purple, to sickly yellow, and everywhere in between. The bruises trailed down his face, and disappeared under his shirt.

   We all knew better than to stare though, so we over-exaggerated and pretended that we didn’t even notice them.

“Hello,” I said, “You must be Zack. My name is Blaise, and these people are Crabbe, Goyle, Teddy, and Draco. Draco is our resident gay-boy and he’s currently freaking out over a lack of scarves.”

Zach let out another giggle, and Harry led him over to his bed.

“Where is he going to sleep?” asked Teddy, “We didn’t get any more beds…”

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