Unveiling secrets

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Healing Harry’s Heart

Chapter 8

Crabbe’s POV

“Vincent Crabbe.” Said Madam Pomfrey, “It’s time for your check-up.” and immediately Goyle and me both stood up.

“just Vincent please.” She repeated

“We stick together.” I said stiffly, and Goyle nodded his head in confirmation

“Fine,” she said, “let’s just get this over with.”

We walked slowly into the examination room, and she handed us gowns and turned around.

“Change please.” She said, but we could tell it was an order.

After we had gotten into our gowns, Goyle and I sat on the examining table, and Madam Pomfrey walked over, and said a few diagnosis spells.

Immediately two quills and pieces of parchment appeared, and started recording our injuries.

Madam Pomfrey looked at the parchments and her eyes widened in shock.

“Brands?” she shrieked, “How on earth did you two get brands?”

Me and Goyle stood up, and walked over to were our clothes are, “’If you let us return outside, we will tell you, but we owe it to our fellow Slytherins to tell them to.”

She narrowed her eyes, but allowed us to go outside, and sat with our fellow snakes again.

“Dragon-breath,” I said, turning to Goyle, “take off your shirt.”

“What?” asked Snape, “Why did you just call him Dragon Breath?”

I ignored him and watched as Goyle undid the buttons on his shirt. When he had finished, he opened the front of his shirt, and revealed his scared chest for everyone to see.

 On the top right side of his chest, there was a brutal-looking scare in the shape of a snake. With the words ‘Basilisk Venom,” in cruel letters over top, and a tally chart underneath. There were six lines underneath the snake, and each one was a bright green.

“That,” I said bluntly, “Is the brand of a leader in the Basilisk Venom Organized Crime unit. Also known as one of the most powerful groups in the wizarding, and Muggle mob.”

   There were a few startled gasp, and a snort from Draco, “”Way to be modest guys.” He said.

“You guys are in the mob?!” snarled Snape.

“No,” I said seriously, “We are the mob.”

“Like I said,” muttered Draco, “really modest.”

“We were first introduced to the mob when we were ten years old,” continued Goyle, dutifully ignoring me “and at first we were just runners. We were sent to deliver drugs to people, and collect money.”

“Nobody took us seriously until we were eleven, when we started to fight our way up to the top of the organization. After we had defeated most of our former-superiors, we started to have more and more power. We were nick-named Snake-Bite and Dagon-Breath shortly after we defeated the former Mob leader when we were twelve.” I told them, “I became the leader of them mob, and Goyle was my second in command.”

By this time Madam Pomfrey was staring at us with her mouth open, and Draco was doubled over with laughter at the look on Snape’s face. Harry was nodding his head, like he’d expected it the whole time, and Nott and Blaise had known for a while, so they weren’t surprised.

   “Everybody’s tattoo is different,” I went on,” the colour, and the amount of tallies change every year.”

“Goyle’s for example, shows that he’s been in the mob for six years, hence the six tallies and he is my second in command, and so he has the green coloured tallies. I have six tallies, but mine are gold instead of green, indicating that I’m the boss.”

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