Confrontations and Cookies

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Healing Harry's Heart

Chapter 13

Snape's POV

"Going to the chapel and we're gonna get MAAARIED. Going to the chapel and we're gonna get MAAAAARIED!" I sung quietly to myself as I was sitting in my office grading a third year's essay on fungi and its use in potion making.

I stopped singing that song and switched to that irritatingly happy song from that muggle show about small blue people. "La la la la la la, sing a happy song!" Just as I was finishing my song, there was a knock on the door of my office, and I was abruptly pulled out of my melody and back into reality.

"Enter." I growled, and slowly the door creaked open. Harry was standing in the doorway, awkwardly shuffling his feet, and trying not to be noticed.

"What do you want Potter? Is everyone okay?" I asked, thinking that he would never come talk to me unless it was a dire emergency.

"Oh. Yeah, everyone's fine I guess." He said, still very awkward as though he had something to say but didn't quite know how to, or if he wanted to, say it.

"So what do you want?" I said, hoping he wasn't just wasting my time.

"I came to ask. . . well I was wondering if maybe, Professor, you wouldn't mind terribly to take care of Zach when I can't be around?"

I was shocked. I couldn't believe that Potter would ever let me take care of his little cousin, especially because of his past! "You would like me to babysit for you?" I asked, sounding astounded, and Harry bit his lip nervously, and nodded his head.

"Only if it's not to much trouble, I mean... I can't leave him with madam Pomfrey... I mean there's to many things for a kid to get into, and I know you have lots of potions around, but I thought that you'd probably be better at keeping him in line... I was just thinking you know."

"Fine Potter." I said, "But only because I dislike your ramblings, and wish to be left alone."

He rolled his eyes, at me, "There's a lot of things you have to be careful of though, Zach is still terrified of so many things."

I sighed, and got out a piece of parchment, "What exactly what do I need to be careful of?"

"Well," said Harry, "Zach's going to be scared of you no matter what, just because he doesn't like men, but don't raise your voice, and try not to make quick movements. If you go near him, don't touch him, and if you have to warn him before you do so. He's also not used to bright lights because he was inside for so long."

I nodded, and wrote it all down, "What potions does he have to take?" I asked, and Harry thought for a moment, "I put the bruise salve on him in the morning and at night, he takes a nutrition potion with every meal, an ulcer potion once a day, and a pain reliever every four hours."

"And you?" I asked, "have you been taking you potions." Harry scowled at me, and nodded "I've been taking the nutrition potions as well as an ulcer potion, and I have to take one for bruising and one for tissue


"How are you doing besides that?" I asked awkwardly, and Harry snorted.

"Do you actually care, or are you obliged to ask?"

"Both," I sneered, "I am the Slytherin head of house, so I have to ask, but on the other hand, I am your head of house, so I want to ask."

Harry stared at me with a look of confusion, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"It means," I said, "That although I am obliged to remain a snarky git in public, the Slytherin house must stick together. It also means, that I have realised that you are not your father."

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