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We're sorry we've been so inactive. We're both in a really busy and turbulent time of our lives. We just graduated from grade 8 and MANY MANY changes are ahead of us. At first we thought it would be hard to continue this story because mackenzie and I are going to different high schools, but a couple weeks ago on my confirmation she called me to tell me that she is not only going to a different high school, but she is moving to a different continent. With that being the case, I seriously doubt we'll be able to take this story any farther.

We've had a helluva lot of fun writing this, and your guys positive feedback never failed to make our days (and provide us with bragging rights)

Harry Potter forever <3

We bid thee farewell with a couple of random tidbits about what's been happening in our world:

Mackenzie has a brain malformation!

Katie has a broken finger!

We had our graduation yesterday!

We're going to Quebec city on monday for grad trip!

Sylvester is still a herpyderpaderpaderpaderp

I'm not saying that there will be no more uploads, but it's pretty muvh impossible for us to finish this story.

Luv y'all!

-Katie and Mackenzie

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