You Can Try to Keep a Secret

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An extra long chapta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Snapes POV

I watched Potter walk over to my snakes, and hesitantly sit beside Blaise Zabini. Immediately Blaise turned towards him and held out his hand. I couldn’t tell what he said but it must have been at least semi-friendly because Potter reached out and accepted the handshake.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Harry Potter, shaking hands with a slytherin? I thought I'd seen it all. Perhaps all their unfriendliness towards him had been simply because he was a Gryffindor.

my beliefs of superior knowledge were once again shattered when another bunch of newly resorted children came out and once again we had a new Slytherin.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when Ginny Weasley sat down beside Potter. I could tell the others were surprised too, because I saw Draco- who was sitting a couple seats down from Zabini- choke on his pumpkin juice and splutter all over the tablecloth.

Judging bythe look on Ginny Weasleys face, she just made a snide remark about that and obviously Draco must've followed by insulting her family.

This was going to be an interesting year.


"To my old snakes, you know how it goes. Regardless of how things are at home , Hogwarts shall be safe. That means no casting long term and excruciating curses on any of you or your fellow Slytherins nor any other Hogwarts student or faculty INCLUDING the Gryffindors and Mr Filch."

A sigh echoed around the common room full of my precious snakes. Year after year without fail they continue to be disappointed when I tell them that they cannot use Gryffindors as guinea pigs to test dark magic. It was as if they thought that that rule would change over the summer.

“What about Mrs. Norris? Or the Hufflepuff’s?” asked a particularly troll brained 3rd year named Wally.

“Did I say that Hogwarts students may not be cursed?” I spat at him cruelly.

“Y-yes” he stammered back.

“Are Hufflepuff’s Hogwarts students?”

“I-I guess so, sir.”

“ Then NO!” I screeched.

He looked appropriately cowed and was about to stop talking when he decided to display his low IQ once again.

“But what about Mrs. Nor-“

“NO! Shut up you insolent dung brain! It’s no wondering why your parents beat you, you disgrace your house and your family!”

“Lay off Snape!” shouted a voice at the back of the crowd and everybody gasped because Miss Weasley had dared to confront me.

“What did you say?” I snarled.

“That’s not fair to him!” she shouted “No one deserves to be beaten, even if they are blatantly stupid.”

“Hey!” shouted Wally “I don’t need a filthy blood traitor like you standing up for me.

“Fine” she said cooly, next time I won’t bother then.”

I glared at them both and they both stopped fighting. “As I was saying, no cursing other students, no failing tests because you’re too lazy to study, and remember Slytherins. Stick. Together,”

There were a few curt nods, a few glowers and a few snickers but everybody accepted my words. They knew that none of the other houses would stick up for them, so they had to stick up for themselves.

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