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Percy's P.O.V

I was hanging out on the beach with my beautiful wise girl when we got an IM. Who IMs people at this time of the morning, hmmm, pretend I didn't say that and please don't tell the harpies. Anyway we answered, obviously and I swear annabeth nearly attacked them through the screen. It was actually Leo! After months of believing he was dead he just IMs us and starts talking as if nothing happened.

When hazel and piper find out he will be hoping he was dead. As i was saying we were IMing Leo.
"Hey guys, sup?"he says smiling.
Annabeth growls and leaps up from our position on the floor,"you mean to say that you have been missing, supposed dead for months and now you decide to get into touch and you say sup!?" I wince, not liking this side of annabeth. I mouth good luck to Leo and he looks frightened. "Um yeah, basically, um calypsos here."he says and then disappears to be replaced by calypso.

As I see her again I feel a pang of guilt, leaving her on Ogygia. (sorry idk spelling)
"Hello Percy. Annabeth."she says smiling. Leo who is cowering behind her, pipes up,"she's my girlfriend. Team Leo forever whooo." I smile, seeing him being himself again.
"You....And......ha....Caleo! Oh my gods, gotta tell the Aphrodite cabin!"annabeth runs off. Leo looks shocked and yells after her"noooooooo wait. I'm gonna get pummelled. Anyways gotta go and play with my sphere and get festus up and running again see ya Percy."he says swiping his hand through the mist.

I stay sitting down, shocked with what I heard. Leo has a girlfriend! I mean Id never have thought it'd happen. I've got to warn her what Leo can be like when he gets excited. Oww. I remember that annabeth ran off so I run in the direction she went, hoping to catch her up before she makes things worse for Leo.

Annabeth P.O.V

As soon as I see his face in the mist I feel a flurry of emotions, happiness, anger, sadness and shock. I might have yelled at him but I couldn't think straight. I mean, he was gone for quite a few months and now he comes back and the first thing he says is sup! I so need to punch him. After a while of thinking I decide to go and tell piper and hazel.

When they realise he is alive Leo will wish he isn't. I wasn't looking where I was going before I bumped into someone. "Oh hey annabeth."hazel says.
I grab her shoulders,"organise a meeting at the big house straight away! Good news. Bad news. I have no clue."I say, not knowing how to say it, which I admit, is nothing like me.

"Um okay."hazel says stunned. I take off again trying to find piper or frank.

(Time skip. Get doctor who here and use the tardis to go thirty minutes into the future. Everyone is having a meeting, and just include Grover because you know...)

Clarisse slams the table. "Why should we!? He's far away and not got into contact until now! Why should we have some rescue mission?"
"Because he helped stop Gaea from destroying the world."Percy says quietly. Jason nods, as well as piper.
Clarisse reddens but doesn't sit down.
"Don't you see guys, that Leo and calypso might need help, they might be in danger and trying to hide it just like Leo would. Don't you see that we need to find them. We can't just stay here for ever?"I say trying to keep calm.
Percy nods"I agree with wise girl. We can't just leave him." Chiron strokes his beard thoughtfully.
"I agree. We can't leave him but maybe a trip back to your mother first eh Percy my lad. You've not seen her for a while have you." Percy shakes his head.

"Okay but as long as wise girl, pinecone face and death breath come too. Oh and I need a jar of blue cookies as well."Percy says solemnly. Chiron laughs and agrees. As everyone leaves I link my fingers in Percy's "being the silly seaweed brain you are we've got to go and find Leo without spending much more time here. But at least you'll be with me."I say laughing. He smiles and says"just like always right?"

Me: all characters belong to either Rick Riordan or J.K Rowling.
Leo: hey guys I'm back.
Annabeth: Leo I will kill you!
Percy: woah annabeth. Calm down *smirks*
Calypso: what's happening?
Me: I have no clue.

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