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Percy's P.O.V

Hermione looked frantic. "Quick get your robes on. You'll go to hagrid guys, the really tall one. We'll see you in the great hall."she said, ignoring the glares harry gave her. I nodded and pulled my robes on.
"Come on then. You heard the girl. Let's go!"I say, and promptly walk into a wall. I punch it"stupid wall. Anyway, let's go!" We walk out of the train and head towards a half giant guy, I guess was hagrid. I pull riptide out of my pocket and twirl it in my fingers. "That eager are yer? Well yer'll be enjoying this school ere then."he says eying my pen. I smile and nod, putting it away. Nico steps forwards and introduces us while I link my fingers in Annabeths. "Boat ride coming up. Don't worry, I won't let them sink us, hopefully."i say cheekily. As we board I make it rock violently as Nico comes on. He loses his balance and flies off, landing in the water. He comes back up, spluttering. "Percy!"
"Uh huh. That wasn't me."I say innocently. He glares at me. Hagrid helps pull him into the boat and uses his wand to make him dry."be more careful next them then eh?"

It's a fairly dull ride but as soon and we walk into the great hall all eyes are on us three, but mainly me, much to my displeasure. I groan inwardly, more attention. "Di Angelo, Nico."a woman in a pointy hat calls out. Nico walks forwards and sits on a stool. The lady wizard, or whatever walks over with a hat. Nico visibly pales but then the hat Calle dour gryfindor and he looks relieved. A talking hat though? What's that about? "Chase, Annabeth." Annabeth walks over to the stool and before the hat is even on her head it yells"GRYFINDOR, GET ME AWAY FFOM HER. GRYFFINDOR OKAY OKAY." She looks at me and plops herself next to Nico, who was sitting near the other guys. It's my turn now, great. "Jackson, Percy" . At least it's my normal name and not my grandads. I start walking but am stopped when I hear a very girly scream. I look around confused but then realise it's the hat.

"Percy? Percy Jackson! Can I have an autograph. Please! You can be in gryfindor! You are so brave, but loyal, oh so loyal! You are smart and could be in nay of the houses! I DO NOT KNOW. He has seen too much, far too much." At this point Dumbledore stands up and points at the bar with his stick. The hat shuts up and he tells me to sit by my friends. "I will sort you myself later." I nod and sit next to Annabeth. Seconds later loads of food appears. I scoop loads onto my plate but then look around, distracted. "Hello professor, is there a fire anywhere?"i ask the woman that read out the names. She waves her wand and a fire appears behind me. I nod my thanks and Nico Annabeth and I scoop the best portion of food into the fire. "What the bloody hell did you do that for?"Ron exclaimed.
"It's....um....a religion."Nico says smartly. Ron nods but Hermione doesn't look convinced. Thankfully she doesn't ask about it. I start shovelling food into my mouth. "You could give Ron a run for his money!"Hermione says looking in disgust st my food. "What? I'm hungry?"I say with food still in my mouth. I close it embarrassed, and carry on eating.

Once my plate was empty I stood up with the rest of the school and as they walked to gods knows where I walked to Gandalf. Annabeth tried to come with me but I pecked her on the cheek and told her to go with the others. I smiled at Dumbledore and he started walking at quite a fast pace down the corridors. I suddenly lose sight of him a cold hand grabs onto my collar. They pull me round the corner and down the corridor. As I slam into the wal I am slightly dazed. They push me onto my knees and I feel a wand on my cheek. "Now stay still, son of the sea. We're going to take a quick trip."a raspy voice calls out. I growl and roll to the side, narrowly missing the blast of light directed towards me. I start running down the corridor and see Dumbledore. I yell out before someone grabs onto my collar again and the darkness closes in. The last thing I hear before it is darkness was Dumbledore shouting my name.

Me: al characters belong to either rick Riordan or J.K Rowling.
Percy: why did you kidnap me?
Man 1: well we thought it was the easiest way for you to come. We want you to join us.
Voldemort: fool! You must not tell him of our plans!
Man 2: yeah! Fool.
Percy: oh so your moudlywarts
Voldemort: I am Voldemort, the dark lord.
Percy: yeah? Well I'm Percy, the god of sassiness.

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