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Harry's P.O.V

How can this guy have that wand when I'm clearly more powerful than him. Who does he think he is! I'm the chosen one! Even Hermione and Ron were shocked. Percy smirked as he walked out of the shop and towards Fred and George's shop. I smile, I love that place. I start following him, glaring at his back all the way. Ron and Hermione come up behind me and annabeth, the hot girl, runs up towards Percy with nico. That guy gives me the creeps, it's as if he draws all the darkness towards him. I shake my head and enter the shop.

"Welcome all to Fred and George's wonderful shop-"
"-heya harry, Hermione. Ron-"
"Heya gorgeous.-"
"Hey others. I'm forge-"
"-And I'm gred"Fred and George chorus. I smile. Percy laughs, and I turn to glare at him but find that he and the other two have gone looking around the shop.
"Who're the other three?"George says looking at them, but annabeth mainly.
"Some transfer students apparently. I think they're all death eaters though. Especially since that the guy with green eyes is you-know-who's grandson."I say sneering at them. They remain oblivious to my stares however.
"Harry you have no clue that they are death Eaters! Right Ronald?"Hermione exclaims.

"Umm......yeah......right."Ron stutters, looking at me apologetically.
Fred or George, I can never tell them apart, whistles. At that moment Percy comes bounding over."you guys pranksters?"he says breathless.
"Yeah, I'm Fred and he's George. We are mega pranksters."they say together. I glare at them but they were looking at Percy and they didn't see. "Okay....I've got two friends at my cam.....school that we go to. They are the king of pranks. I think you two should meet each other. I'll send a letter when we get to Hogwarts tomorrow and tell them about you so you can chat about pranks and stuff. Harry? Are you okay? Do you need to go toilet because you've looked like your constipated for quite a while now."Percy says. Nico comes over and laughs seeing my face. I grab Ron and Hermione arms saying we need to go and get everything else. They follow behind laughing.

Nicos P.O.V

"-Harry? Are you okay? Do you need to go toilet because you've looked like your constipated for quite a while now."Percy says. I laugh but stop when harry glares at me. He snarls and grabs Hermione and Ron's arms and practically drags them out the shore, muttering about getting the rest of our stuff. Annabeth, Percy and I follow behind, laughing hysterically. "Nice one perce!"I manage to get out. Annabeth high fives him. Percy just looks confused,"what's so funny? I just said he looked like he needed the toilet, it was true."
Annabeth play slaps him"seaweed brain!"
"Deathbreath!"Percy says to me.
"Wait! Since when was I involved in this?!"
"Since now!"Percy yells.
"If you guys are done fighting we need to finish the rest of our shopping."Hermione interrupts timidly. I smile but she shrinks away from me. I turn away, sighing, it's not like I expected anything different.

(Time skip to where they are about to get onto the hogwarts express.)

Percy's P.O.V

"THE WHOLE DAY?! I'm gonna die!"I tell, running around the platform. How in Tartarus am I gonna survive this! Percy Jackson, the worlds greatest Demi god, dies from taking a train ride. I can see the headline now. "It's even worse than flying!"I exclaim. Oops....bad thing to say. Thunder rumbles in the air. "Sorry drama queen!"I yell smiling. When I turn around I see harry, Hermione and Ron staring at me. "What's wrong with him?"harry sneers.
"We've all got ADHD. We can't sit still, and we sometimes say random things."Annabeth says shooting a warning look st me. I smile apologetically."it's true." Hermiones eyes widen as her mouth opens to make an 'o'.
"Come on let's not delay persassys death any longer. Deathbreath! No!"I yell seeing nico sneaking away. Me and Annabeth grab him and haul him on board.

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Percy: we know! You say this every chapter!
Me: because if I don't you will disappear.
Nico: like I nearly did before. Will it be like fading?
Me: no nico. I won't let that happen again! *wipes tears away* I promise.
Coach hedge:hey cupcake. Give me twenty press ups and Cheer up. You survived right and I got a nice little baby boy.
Nico: umm....yeah...
Me: not necessary coach. Not necessary. *shakes head*

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