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Sorry guys I haven't uploaded for a while. Let's cut the excuses and just get onto the story.

You know that awkward moment when you forget where you were last time you updated it. Yep....

Annabeths P.O.V

Where is that seaweed brain? After food, we watched him walk off and then he didn't come back. I hope Hera isn't planning another kidnap and sending him to somewhere worse than last time with no memory. Hades no! That can't happen! I'll send him an IM. That might work.....

I go to the toilets and make a little spray fountain thing. Chucking a drachma I call,"oh iris, goddess of the rainbow, please accept my offering. Show me Percy Jackson."I say hoping it'll work as I didn't say where he was. When it worked a minute later, at which point I was so worried I was gonna burst, I saw his familiar flop of hair. But what I saw after made me really annoyed. He was lying on the floor, barely conscious, with his t-shirt ripped off, showing his scars. He was also chained to the floor. When I find who did this I will send them to the depths of Tartarus itself. "Percy"I whisper yell, hoping he can bear me."
"Wise girl?"
"Yeah, where are you?!"
"Cmon Percy, I need imformation if I'm gonna rescue you!"I say getting exasperated now.
"You know that mouldy guy, that's my grandad, well I think I'm In his house or mansion, whatever he calls this."Percy says, managing to sit up a little better. "Percy what have they done to you?"
"Not much surprisingly. They kidnapped me in the corridor, right behind Gandalf, and then I was here. But I felt all dizzy and stuff and I think I passed out or vomited at some point."
"Ok, listen to me, I'm gonna talk to Dumbledore and try and come get you. Stay strong seaweed brain."
"Aww Annabeth you know I don't like that-"
I cut him off, severing the connection, now to find dumbledore.

Rons P.O.V

I can't believe what we just saw. Harry still doesn't believe that the new students are not death eaters, so when the other boy went to sleep, we snuck after the blond girl. We had to go in the girls toilets but of course we had Harry's invisibility cloak on so she wouldn't see us. As we walked in she turned towards us but quickly turned back to what she was looking at. We heard the whole conversation and if what they said was true then that Percy guy was in for some trouble. As the girl ran out, tears streaming down her face, we followed her to Dumbledore office.

Percy's P.O.V

When Annabeth went I felt so lonely and broken again. I'd been kidnapped again! After I'd told her I wouldn't as well. The creaking of the door down the corridor and fast footsteps draws my attention. As a man walks in, with blond hair, I sit up straighter and stare him in the eyes. He winces and I inwardly chuckle. "Perseus Jackson, seems you've already met my son, Draco. He's a disappointment. You can keep him at your little camp. Lord Voldemort would like to tort- meet you now."he says roughly grabbing me and hauling my weak body down the corridor. If only I had more strength I could've broken out of his grip and run like hell away from that horrible place. Why do I have to be so useless.
"Why....do....I feel like this?"I ask, trembling, I feel like I'm going to puke.
"You've just experienced the wizards mode of travelling. I see it affects your kind differently then."he says sneering. I groan, but soon enough we are at a big door. When it's opened I see a tallish man with pale skin and no nose. I grunt. Noseless, that's my new name for him now.

"Ahhh, Perseus, how nice to meet you at last."he say, the words all blurring into eachother like a snake. I nod, refusing to speak. "We need you to join our cause. You need to join us my boy, join us and win against the wizards. They must not be allowed to stay alive any longer, most importantly you must kill Potter. Harry Potter. I presume you've already met him, and he thinks your a death eater. Kill him, kill him and make him stop, prove him wrong. Make him regret ever picking on you, the greatest demigod. Yes I know about your little.....secret."Voldemort says grinning from ear to ear. "What makes you think I'll join you noseless? Huh, What makes you think I want another war?! Your wrong. Let me go or else you'll regret it."I wheeze. He grins manically at me. I sigh, just before the water pipes explode and the wall is blown to bits.

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